Kwara Poly Acceptance Fee Payment Procedure 2023 | ND & HND


Has the Kwara State Polytechnic outlined the critical financial step for those newly admitted for the 2023/2024 academic session? What amounts have been set as the acceptance fee? Is there a difference for indigenes and non-indigenes? Continue reading, but anticipate only glimpses into the full details.

Kwara State Polytechnic Acceptance Fee

For many, gaining admission into an esteemed institution like Kwara State Polytechnic marks a significant milestone. But what follows this achievement? The management of Kwara State Polytechnic sheds light on the acceptance fee nuances for the newly inducted ND and HND scholars of the 2023/2024 academic session.

🎓 Institution Kwara State Polytechnic
📋 Programmes ND full-time, ND part-time, and HND
💰 Acceptance Fee (Indigenes) Fifteen Thousand Eight Hundred Naira (N15,800.00)
💰 Fee (Non-Indigenes) Twenty Thousand Eight Hundred Naira (N20,800.00)
🌐 Payment Portal Official Kwara State Polytechnic acceptance fee payment portal
🔐 Login Details Student login link, student ID, temporary password
📜 Acceptance Letter Link displayed post successful acceptance fee payment
✅ Screening Outcome Email sent post-screening, either confirming screening success or providing further instructions if unsuccessful

Contextual Prelude

After the meticulous process of finalizing the ND Full-time, ND Part-time and HND Admission lists, the institution’s administration has provided clarity on the acceptance fee structure. This is vital for ensuring a seamless transition for the newest members of the academic community.

Kwara Poly’s Acceptance Fee Breakdown

For Indigenes of Kwara State: The acceptance fee stands at a precise Fifteen Thousand Eight Hundred Naira (N15,800.00).

For Non-Indigenes: The fee adjusts slightly, amounting to Twenty Thousand Eight Hundred Naira (N20,800.00).

All payments are facilitated via the official Kwara State Polytechnic’s acceptance fee portal.

Steps to Seal Your Admission

  1. Initial Login Credentials: Newly admitted individuals will receive a student login link, complemented by a distinct student ID and a preliminary password.
  2. Portal Navigation: Using the provided student ID and the temporary password, log into the student domain.
  3. Payment Gateway: Once logged in, select the “make payment” option from the left menu. Navigate to the acceptance tab to finalise your acceptance fee payment.
  4. Documenting the Commitment: Upon successful payment, a link to print the official Kwara Poly Acceptance letter becomes available. Subsequently, the student’s status alters, indicating “screening requested”.
  5. Screening Outcome: If one successfully navigates the Kwara Poly screening, a notification graces their email inbox, confirming the credential screening. Conversely, should the screening not favour the student, further instructions are dispensed on the requisite next steps.

In Closing

Stepping into the corridors of Kwara State Polytechnic is a monumental accomplishment. However, attending to the acceptance fee specifics ensures that this accomplishment transforms into a tangible academic journey. Adhering to the outlined steps ensures a seamless initiation into the Kwara Poly community. Best wishes to all fresh scholars as they embark on this enlightening expedition.

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