KSCOE Ankpa Post UTME Form 2023/2024


  • Kogi State College of Education (KSCOE) Ankpa invites qualified candidates for its 2023/2024 Post UTME Screening for NCE full-time programmes. Eligibility: 100+ in UTME & KSCOE as the first choice. Multiple courses under various academic schools offered. Application via the College’s Edu-Portal, with screening scheduled for 30th & 31st August 2023.

KSCOE Ankpa Post UTME Screening Form

Amidst the lush landscapes of Ankpa, a beacon of academic excellence stands tall. The Kogi State College of Education (KSCOE), Ankpa is once again opening its gates to promising talents looking to make their mark in the education sector.



🎓 Institution Kogi State College of Education (KSCOE), Ankpa
📅 Academic Session 2023/2024
📜 Programme Type Post UTME Screening for NCE Full-Time
💯 Eligibility Scored 100+ in UTME & Chose KSCOE Ankpa as first choice
📚 Courses Offered Various under Schools of Languages, Education, Vocational & Technical Education, Arts & Social Sciences, Sciences
🔗 Application Steps Visit Edu-Portal, Create Account, Generate RRR (N2,000), Pay fee, Complete online form
🗓 Screening Schedule Date: 30th & 31st August 2023, Venue: College CBT Centre, Time: 10am daily
📞 Contacts Admission officer: 08035188296, Others include: Ogohi Cafe, Anyigba; Seagate CBT Centre, Idah; Major Computers, Ankpa

📢 Calling All Future Educators!

For the academic year 2023/2024, KSCOE, Ankpa is thrilled to invite applications from eligible and passionate candidates for its full-time NCE programmes. The line-up of courses promises diversity and depth.

Note to Applicants: Aspiring candidates must have scored a minimum of 100 in the UTME. Moreover, Kogi State College of Education, Ankpa should be their top-choice institution.

A Glimpse into the Programmes 📘

From the vast tapestry of languages to the intricate nuances of the sciences, KSCOE, Ankpa boasts a wide range of courses:


  1. Arabic/ English
  2. Arabic/Islamic Studies
  3. English/CRS
  4. English/Economics
  5. English/Political Science
  6. English/Social Studies
  7. English/French
  8. English/Theatre Arts
  9. English/History
  10. English/Islamic Studies
  11. French/Political Science
  12. French/Social Studies
  13. English/Igala
  14. English/Yoruba
  15. English/Hausa
  16. Igala/Social Studies
  17. Igala/CRS
  18. Igala/Political Science
  19. Igbo/English
  20. Igbo/Social Studies
  21. Igbo/Political Science
  22. Igbo/ CRS
  23. Hausa/Social Studies
  24. Hausa/Islamic Studies
  25. Yoruba/Social Studies


  1. Adult and Non formal Education/ English
  2. Adult and Non formal Education/Mathematics
  3. Adult and Non formal Education/Political Science
  4. Adult and Non formal Education/Islamic Studies
  5. Adult and Non formal Education/social Studies
  6. Adult and Non formal Education/ CRS
  7. Adult and Non formal Education/Economics
  8. Adult and Non formal Education/Arabic
  9. Adult and Non formal Education/Social Studies
  10. Adult and Non formal Education/Theater Arts
  11. Primary Education/ Economics
  12. Primary Education/ English
  13. Primary Education/Mathematics
  14. Primary Education/History
  15. Primary Education/Social Studies
  16. Primary Education/Political Science
  17. Primary Education/Islamic Studies
  18. Primary Education/ Christian Religious Studies
  19. Primary Education/Arabic
  20. Primary Education/Fine and Applied Arts


  1. Agricultural Education
  2. Business Education
  3. Fine and Applied Arts
  4. Home Economics
  5. Technical Education


  1. Christian Religious Studies/Economics
  2. Christian Religious Studies/ History
  3. Christian Religious Studies/ Political Science
  4. Christian Religious Studies/ Social Studies
  5. Islamic Studies/Economics
  6. Islamic Studies/Political Science
  7. Islamic Studies/Social Studies
  8. Islamic Studies/Geography
  9. Social Studies/Economics
  10. Social Studies/History
  11. Social Studies/Geography
  12. Social Studies/Political Science
  13. Social Studies/Theatre Arts


  1. Integrated Science/Chemistry
  2. Integrated Science/Physics
  3. Integrated Science/Mathematics
  4. Integrated Science/Biology
  5. Physical and Health Education (Double Major)
  6. Computer Science Education/Integrated Science
  7. Computer Science Education/Chemistry
  8. Computer Science Education/ Biology
  9. Computer Science Education/Physics
  10. Computer Science Education/ Mathematics
  11. Mathematics/Chemistry
  12. Mathematics/Physics
  13. Mathematics/ Biology

Embarking on Your Application Journey 💼

Embarking on this exciting journey is as easy as following a structured path:

  1. Visit the official College Edu-Portal: KSCOE Ankpa Portal.
  2. Navigate to Prospective Students and choose ‘New Applicant’.
  3. Create an account with your JAMB Registration Number, a valid email address, and phone number.
  4. Generate a Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) for a fee of N2,000.
  5. Make the payment either directly online or at a commercial bank.
  6. Complete the application, upload necessary documents, and submit.
  7. Remember to print out the completed form for future reference.

Screening Details:

  • Date: 30th and 31st August, 2023
  • Venue: College CBT Centre
  • Time: 10am daily

Need Assistance? 📞

For any queries or assistance, feel free to reach out to:

  • Admission Officer: 08035188296
  • Ogohi Cafe, Anyigba: 08032866542
  • Seagate CBT Centre, Idah: 08147876001
  • Major Computers, Ankpa: 08067862594

With KSCOE, Ankpa, your dreams of becoming an impactful educator is just an application away. Dive into this transformative experience and steer your future towards academic brilliance!

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