Kogi State Poly Academic Calendar 2023/2024


Ever wondered about the academic calendar of Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja for 2023/2024? What if we told you all essential dates, from resumption to examinations, are now at your fingertips? Discover more below!

Kogi State Polytechnic (KSP) Academic Calendar

The Kogi State Polytechnic in Lokoja has officially released its academic calendar for the 2023/2024 academic session. This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on the schedule of academic activities for all students of the institution.

📌 Resumption New Students: 16th October 2023. Returning Students: 23rd October 2023.
🗓️ Registration New Students: 16th Oct – 17th Nov 2023. Returning: 23rd Oct – 17th Nov 2023.
⏰ Late Registration New: 20th Nov – 15th Dec 2023. Returning: 20th Nov – 15th Dec 2023.
📚 Lectures New: 16th Oct 2023 – 26th Jan 2024. Returning: 23rd Oct 2023 – 26th Jan 2024.
🎉 Orientation 11th – 16th December 2023.
✍️ Examinations First Semester: 29th Jan – 23rd Feb 2024. Second Semester: 8th Jul – 2nd Aug 2024.
🔍 Results Script Marking: 26th Feb – 28th March 2024.
🔜 Next Academic Session 9th September 2024.

Key Dates for the Beginning of the Academic Year

1. Resumption Dates

  • For New Students (New ND I and HND I Students): 16th October, 2023
  • For Returning Students: 23rd October, 2023
  • Note: Resumption for new students excludes SIWES students.

2. Registration Period

  • New Students: The registration for new students commences on 16th October and concludes on 17th November, 2023, spanning 5 weeks.
  • Returning Students: The registration window for returning students is open from 23rd October to 17th November, 2023, a duration of 4 weeks.

Latecomers should be wary, as the late registration for new students kicks off on 20th November and wraps up on 15th December, 2023. Similarly, returning students have from 20th November to 15th December, 2023 for late registration.

3. Academic Timings

  • Duration of the First Semester: The first semester runs for 17 weeks for new students, starting from 16th October, 2023, and 16 weeks for returning students, beginning on 23rd October, 2023.
  • Lectures: New students will commence their lectures from 16th October, 2023, to 26th January, 2024. For returning students, lectures will be from 23rd October, 2023, to 26th January, 2024.

End-of-Year Activities and the Second Semester

4. Orientation & Examination

  • Orientation/Matriculation for New Students: This is slated for 11th December to 16th December, 2023.
  • First Semester Exams: These will be conducted between 29th January to 23rd February, 2024.

5. Second Semester Key Dates

  • Resumption: All students are to resume for the second semester on 15th April, 2024.
  • Duration: The second semester will span 16 weeks, running from 15th April to 2nd August, 2024.
  • Lectures: Regular classes for all students will be from 15th April to 5th July, 2024.
  • Exams: The second semester examinations are scheduled from 8th July to 2nd August, 2024. Additionally, part-time students will have their exams from 26th August to 31st August, 2024.

6. Administrative and Other Activities

  • Part-Time Examination: A separate exam for part-time students is fixed for 18th March, 2024.
  • Marking of Scripts and Result Consideration: From 26th February to 28th March, 2024, staff will mark exam scripts, and results will be considered.
  • Next Academic Session: Resumption for the 2024/2025 academic session is pegged for 9th September, 2024.

Final Thoughts

This comprehensive academic calendar is an essential tool for all students of Kogi State Polytechnic. By being aware of these dates, students can adequately prepare for their academic activities, ensuring a successful academic session.

The Director of Academic Planning, Mr. Olaitan Femi Paul, has endorsed this calendar, further underscoring its authenticity and importance.

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