Join AXA Insurance Innovation Accelerator Program 2023


  • Applications are open for the AXA Insurance Innovation Accelerator Program 2023 in Nigeria. Focusing on Customer Management, Distribution, and Process Efficiency, the 15-week program offers incubation, mentorship, and commercialization support. Apply by August 15, 2023.

AXA Insurance Innovation Accelerator Program

Are you part of a startup aiming to revolutionise the insurance industry? Do your innovative solutions resonate with the key areas of customer management, distribution, or process efficiency? If so, the time to act is now. The AXA Insurance Innovation Accelerator Program 2023 is accepting applications, and this is your chance to take your ideas to the next level.

🚀 Program Name AXA Insurance Innovation Accelerator Program 2023
💼 Focus Areas Customer management, Distribution, Process Efficiency
⏳ Duration 15-week program
🌟 Benefits Internal resources, Incubation, Becoming a paying client, Industry scaling support
🎓 Eligibility Startups with MVP, Clear value proposition, Legal entity in Nigeria
⏰ Application End August 15, 2023
📅 Start Date August 21, 2023

What Is the AXA Insurance Innovation Accelerator Program?

This 15-week programme, hosted by AXA, one of the world’s leading insurance firms, is specifically tailored to cater to startups at various stages, ranging from conceptualisation to scale-up. Designed to nurture innovation and growth, it connects startups with industry experts and mentors and provides hands-on experience through a series of masterclasses.

Program Focus Areas

  1. Customer Management: Enhancing customer relations and experience.
  2. Distribution: Expanding the reach and delivery of insurance services.
  3. Process Efficiency: Streamlining operations and boosting overall efficiency.

Benefits of Participating

The program’s benefits are both practical and influential. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Connection with AXA’s Internal Resources: Benefit from resources to develop your innovative insurance solutions.
  • Incubation Opportunities: Enjoy support in the form of API access, expert advice, and mentorship.
  • Potential Client Relationship with AXA: If your products or services add value, AXA may become a paying client.
  • Industry-wide Scaling Support: Receive assistance in scaling and commercialising your solutions.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for this unique opportunity, startups must:

  • Align with the Program’s Theme: Have solutions that focus on AXA Mansard’s value chain.
  • Provide a Prototype or MVP: Have a tested prototype or minimum viable product.
  • Offer a Clear Value Proposition: Show differentiation from existing market solutions.
  • Be a Legal Entity in Nigeria: Your startup must be legally incorporated within Nigeria.
  • Commit Time: Be willing to dedicate up to 6 hours weekly for the duration of the programme.

How to Apply?

If you meet the above criteria and are excited to explore this opportunity, follow these steps:

  1. Submit Your Application: Applications are open until August 15, 2023. To apply, visit the application page.
  2. Program Start Date: The program commences on August 21, 2023.
  3. Learn More About the Program: Visit the AXA Innovation Accelerator Program webpage for additional details.

Conclusion: Your Path to Insurance Innovation Starts Here

The AXA Insurance Innovation Accelerator Program 2023 is more than just an opportunity. It’s a launchpad for startups ready to redefine the insurance industry. With the backing of a global leader like AXA, you can transform your ideas into actionable solutions that may shape the future of insurance.

Don’t let this chance slip away. Apply today and join the ranks of innovators ready to take the world of insurance by storm. The road to revolution starts with a single step, and that step could be your application to this program. The future is bright; be part of shaping it!

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