JAMB Mock Exam Guidelines

For all those who have been seeking more information on the “2020 Jamb Mock Exam, is JAMB Mock compulsory” here is a brief explanation of what the mock exam is all about.

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What is JAMB Mock?

JAMB mock exam, as the name implies, is a preparatory test that helps candidates get ready for the main exam. That is, it is an exam that helps JAMB candidates understand what the main JAMB exam is like.

This is important especially for candidates who will be writing JAMB for the first time and those who have never taken a Computer Based Test (CBT) exam before.

Things to note about UTME mock exam

  • The mock exam result does not add/subtract to your main result
  • the mock exam is not compulsory

The idea behind the mock is just to get you prepared for the main UTME exam.

Is the mock exam necessary?

Yes. Please see the mock exam as an opportunity to get ready for the main exam. So, take advantage of it by going out that day to take the exam.

Of course, your performance on the mock exam does not in any way mean that is how you will perform in the main exam.

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