IIAS Research Grants 2023: Funding Opportunities For Researchers


Determined to fuel your postgraduate research in science? How can the IIAS’s newly extended grant initiative, launched in 2022, benefit budding researchers like yourself? Is $500 in research funding the boost you’ve been seeking? Venture further to unveil the specifics of this lucrative opportunity and learn how to be part of this enriching journey.

IIAS Research Grants Competition

Delving into the heart of scientific innovation and excellence, the International Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS) proudly announces the 2023 Research Grants Competition specifically tailored for its Science Institute. Building upon the successful initiation of this grant in 2022, the IIAS is fervently expanding its horizons, inviting pioneering minds in STEM research to be a part of this transformative journey.

🎯 Grant Aim For graduate students and early-career IIAS Fellows in humanities, social sciences, and now STEM.
💸 Funding $500 for five eligible participants
📅 Key Date Must join the 2023 November IIAS Science Institute program
✅ Covers Travels for fieldwork, data collection, purchase of books or periodicals
❌ Doesn’t Cover Tuition, salary, conference fees, laptop purchase, unrelated costs
📝 Application Abstract, detailed proposal, theoretical framework, team details, budget
⏰ Deadline October 20, 2023

Grant’s Vision and Criteria

Born out of the IIAS’s commitment to nurturing academic brilliance, this grant serves as a beacon of opportunity for:

  1. Graduate Students
  2. Early-career Researchers
  3. Dedicated IIAS Fellows

The scheme originally focused on ethnographic research entrenched within the humanities and social sciences domain. However, in the spirit of inclusion and diversification, STEM research is now warmly welcomed under its canopy.

For 2023, a generous allocation of $500 awaits five exceptional recipients. This grant is meticulously designed to bolster dissertation and postdoctoral research.

Prerequisites for Grant Application

A foundational requirement mandates participation in the IIAS Science Institute program scheduled for November 2023. Only upon fulfilling this can one proceed with the grant application.

Scope of the IIAS Research Grant

What the Grant Covers:

  1. Fieldwork Travels: Facilitating on-ground research and explorations.
  2. Data Collection: Empowering the research with tangible and actionable data.
  3. Acquisition of Books and Periodicals: Enriching the research study with credible resources.

What the Grant Excludes:

  1. Tuition fees
  2. Salaries or stipends
  3. Conference-related expenses
  4. Electronic device purchases
  5. Other costs not linked to direct research activities.

Mapping the Application Blueprint

Prospective candidates are required to submit a consolidated PDF containing:

  1. Abstract: A concise overview not exceeding 250 words.
  2. Research Proposal: This should be within 1,500 words, encapsulating the study’s rationale, objectives, design, data strategies, analytical methods, expected outcomes, and a coherent timeline.
  3. Theoretical Framework: Insight into the conceptual backdrop guiding the study.
  4. Research Team Profile: A snapshot of each member, their specific role, and credentials.
  5. Budgeting Blueprint: A meticulous budget, either in USD or equivalent local currency. Introducing counterpart funding is encouraged.

Recipient Expectations:

  1. Concluding research by October 2024.
  2. Furnishing a comprehensive report at the grant tenure’s culmination.
  3. Presenting the research findings during the IIAS Science Institute in 2024.

All applications, penned in impeccable English, should be dispatched electronically to summerinstituteife.ng@gmail.com. Ensure “2023 IAS Research Grants Application for Science Institute” graces the subject line.

Crucial Date Alert:

Be punctual, as applications are welcomed only till October 20, 2023. The illustrious winners will be unveiled at the Science Institute in November 2023.

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