Iconic Open University Academic Calendar: Plan Your Study

Does juggling your studies, assignments, and exams at Iconic Open University sometimes feel like a puzzle? What if you could have a clear picture of the academic year ahead? Get ready to mark your calendars and plan your study sessions with ease, as we break down the key dates of Iconic Open University’s academic calendar!

Iconic Open University Academic Calendar

Embarking on your journey at Iconic Open University? Well, you’re in for an exciting academic year! Understanding the academic calendar is key to making the most of your time at the university. So, let’s dive into what the Fall Semester of 2023 to February 2024 has in store for you.

📝 Register Now 16 Oct – 5 Nov: Student Reg.
📚 Study Up 6 Nov – 10 Dec: First Study
📝 Test Time 4 Dec – 10 Dec: First Test
🎓 Matriculate 11 Dec – 17 Dec: Matriculation
📖 Study More 11 Dec – 14 Jan: Second Study
📑 Assignments 11 Dec – 4 Feb: Assignment Time
✏️ Test Again 29 Jan – 4 Feb: Third Test
🏆 Exams Ahead 12 Feb – 21 Feb: Semester Exams

Getting Settled: Students’ Registration

Starting 16th October 2023, you have three weeks to get registered. Don’t leave this to the last minute – early birds avoid the stress!

Hitting the Books: First Study Period

From 6th November, you have five weeks of intense learning. This is where you build the foundation of your knowledge for the year ahead.

Testing the Waters: First Test Period

Come 4th December, you’ll face your first academic challenge with a week of tests. It’s a great chance to gauge your understanding.

Becoming Official: Matriculation Programme

The 11th December marks a special moment – the Matriculation Programme. It’s a memorable week where you officially become part of the Iconic family.

Deep Dive: Second Study Period

The learning continues from 11th December for another five weeks. Use this time to delve deeper into your subjects.

Show What You’ve Learned: Assignment Period

Starting 11th December and spanning eight weeks, you’ll get to showcase your understanding through various assignments. This is your stage to shine!

Round Two: Second Test Period

On 8th January 2024, gear up for another week of testing. It’s a quick checkpoint to make sure you’re on track.

The Final Stretch: Third Study Period

The last three weeks of studying begins on 15th January 2024. This is the time to consolidate your learning and prepare for the final assessments.

The Final Challenge: Third Test Period

Starting 29th January 2024, the third test period is a crucial week. It’s your last chance to iron out any issues before the finals.

The Big Showdown: Semester Examination

The climax of your semester – ten days of examinations starting 12th February 2024. Give it your all!

You’ve Earned It: Semester Break

After all that hard work, enjoy a week off starting 22nd February 2024. Relax, recharge, and celebrate your achievements.

Looking Forward: Spring Semester 2024

Come 1st March 2024, you’ll be ready to start fresh with the Spring Semester. Onwards and upwards!

iconic university calendar

Understanding the Iconic Open University academic calendar is more than just memorizing dates. It’s about strategic planning, staying ahead of your studies, and ensuring you have ample time for both work and play. Keep this calendar handy, and you’re sure to navigate the academic year like a pro.

So, mark your calendars, get set for success, and let’s make this academic year at Iconic Open University truly iconic!

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