5 Techniques on How to Study Smarter not Harder as a Student

As you advance in your academics and workload increases, the need to improve your reading techniques arises. You need to make sure that the littlest of efforts produce massive results as you study. This is the reason why you need to know the techniques on how to study smarter not harder as a student.

Again I say, studying hard is important but studying smart is “importanter”. This is one of the secrets of an outstanding and successful student. Read on the 6 Habits of a successful student quickly.

I have seen people who do not stress themselves so much in their reading be the top of the class and beat people who may have been jacking from the beginning of the semester or session. It requires technique and sometimes your ability to cram everything overnight. Read that also.

Furthermore, to read study smartly as a student, you need to adopt the following techniques in your reading.

  • Have a reading map
  • Take note of Lecturers Repetitions
  • Focus mainly on KEY points
  • NEVER forget things
  • Pick Ideas from others.




Firstly, to have a reading map simply means to have a reading plan. One of the main techniques on How to study smarter not harder as a student is to read with a plan on the ground. Organize yourself and have a plan of what you want to read, how much you want to cover, where you want to focus on and what books and materials you want to refer to.

Remember, it is your map that leads you to the treasure. One of the major keys to studying smartly as a student is to read with insight. This is because you will get to a level where reading hard will not be enough for you alone.


Every lecturer or teacher has some points or topics they repeat and stress on when teaching. Not everyone is able to pick up these repetitions from the lecturers. You have to be focused and attentive in class to pick them up. But when you do, take note of these things because there is an 80% chance they will likely be your exam questions.


Now, another technique on how to study smarter not harder as a student is to focus on the key points. Don’t waste time beating around the bush and stressing over useless information, read with some insights. Jot down all the key points from your notes and textbooks and also those repetitions from your lecturers in class. Focus your energy on them and study them more than any other thing because in them lie the secrets to your exam success.

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Also, one of the major flaws of every student is that they usually forget things. But I bring it to you that you can remember things you read better. There is a way to do this very easily. Quickly read my article on SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN WAYS TO REMEMBER EVERYTHING YOU READ.

Furthermore, your ability to read and remember will make you different from other students and in turn make you a smart student. Remember all those key points and keywords.


No man is an island on his own. Another technique on how to study smarter not harder as a student is to pick ideas from other people too. Listen to other people’s patterns on answering and solving questions and use it to modify yours.  Pick their ideas and explanations on a particular matter or topic and use it to help yourself understand better. It is all about being smart.

In conclusion, if you are good at studying hard, that is very amazing. But if you can combine this quality and adopt these techniques on how to study smarter not harder as a student, then you will be an outstanding and successful student. Read quickly on 6 Big Successful Student Habits.

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