Tips On How to Prepare For WAEC & NECO SSCE 2024

How do I pass my WAEC and NECO examinations in one sitting? What are the things which I must do to clear all my senior secondary school examinations at once? Let’s take a look at the answers to the above questions.

First, it is important to note that the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE) is an assessment written by students or scholars who are done with senior secondary school (SS3).

WASSCE (Western African Senior Secondary School Certificate Education) is a standardized examination written in West Africa. While NECO (National Examination Council) is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the senior secondary certificate of education. It is done mainly in Nigeria.

Why Do Students Fail Waec?

Some students fail Waec because of some reasons, which will be listed below:-

  1. Failure to get d necessary materials, materials like Waec past questions, and textbooks tends to bring failure to students.
  2. Procrastination and laziness is another factor, many scholars get lazy wen it comes to reading and studying and it affects their waec results badly.
  3. Reading without Waec syllabus brings confusion because to pass u need to study in line with d scheme of work.
  4. Social media brings distractions to students and makes students very lazy to read and prepare for their exams
  5. Poor preparation or late exams preparation brings failure to students.
  6. Joining d wrong study group brings confusion and most times failure to students.

How to Prepare for WAEC SSCE

Follow the tips below to study and get ready for your WAEC examination

  1. Creating a study time table,helps when you are preparing for SSCE,it helps you to read well.
  2. Get Waec syllabus,inorder study the right topics and subjects
  3. Get materials (Waec past questions),it helps because it shows u formats or d way d exam looks like.
  4. Study,read ur senior secondary school note books,things u have been taught are most likely to come out,so reading them helps.
  5. Joining a study group is also important and when joining a study group do not join with people who are not academically sound,join with people who are intelligent in a area u are not so they can put you through.
  6. Practicing online Waec questions and groups is also a tip.Most of d online Waec questions helps because it has timer, which prepare d candidate and teaches d students how the examination is going to look like
  7. Praying to your God is also important.


NO! WAEC SSCE is not hard to pass. In fact, it is one of easiest examinations students write. Once there is a proper preparation then, you will find the exam very easy and simple.

While preparing for either WASSCE or NECO, avoid procrastinating and laziness. Focus on reading your books and practicing using your materials (WAEC past questions and answers, recommended textbooks and note books).

Don’t be scare too, once you make use of the above tips, you will surely make straight A’s.

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