How to Defend your SIWES Industrial Training and Score High Grades

Apart from writing a Standard Industrial Training Report, you must also be able to defend your SIWES to your lectures and supervisors to get a good grade in your industrial training. If you are still confused on How to Write an Industrial Training Report. Click the Link let me help you quickly. Now, to defend your SIWES successfully, you need to do a couple of things and I will list them. Please kindly note that SIWES stands for Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme.  

How to Defend your SIWES Very Well

1. Dressing

Corporate Dressing for the Men
Corporate Dressing for the Men

How to Defend your SIWES
Corporate Dressing for the Ladies

If you don’t have a suit, please borrow. Even if you don’t have anything upstairs. Dress well and Collect your 5marks for dressing.

2. Explanation and Presentation

Don’t say because you did your I.T in a company, with different functions. So you must put everything you learned in your report. Without being able to explain one well. You will only flop. If you learnt 10 things, put 5 in your head and know them very well. Remember you have limited time for presentation, so be sharp and hit the nail on the head.

3. Lastly, don’t say anything you will not be able to explain well. If you do that, you will be only putting yourself in trouble.

Secrets to Get High Grades in SIWES

Now, there is something you must know. The grading for a SIWES Industrial Training is usually like this: SUPERVISION – 20MRKS LOGBOOK – 20MRKS REPORT- 40MRKS DEFENSE: 20MRKS (DRESSING-5, PRESENTATION – 5MRKS, QUESTION & ANSWER -10MRKS). The first and basic things you need to get done to get a good grade is

  1. SUPERVISION:  Most of you guys might take this supervision for granted by not being supervised. If you’re not supervised due to distance. The arrangement will be made but try to get it done. Make sure you are supervised. It carried marks.
  2. LOGBOOK: Make sure your logbook is filled with a detailed drawing. Even if you did not do something sensible, try & draw in it. They must see drawing. Hustle your marks from the lowest point to the point of the unreachable. Beg your coursemates or even friends to draw for you.
  3. REPORT: let your report be highly reasonable. Let your report be filled with detailed information. Make sure you snap pictures. During the course of your I.T of you on the job and Put it inside your report. It shows the originality of your I.T report. It shows you participated. Don’t just go Online & be putting google pictures only.
  4. DEFENSE: See all the defense tactics I stated above and apply them.

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