How JAMB Give Admission

Many JAMB Candidates are concerned and eager to know exactly how JAMB give admission and if it is JAMB or the School that actually gives admission.

Today, I will be sharing some light on that topic, so as to give you more clarity.

The truth is that it is actually your school of choice that carries the lion share in any admission process. Now, here is how it works.

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How does JAMB Give Admission?

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB announces the release of the Jamb registration form, and then the application begins.

As you prepare for the examination, Jamb sends the names of those who registered to their various institution of choice.

Then, you sit for the examination and score very high. If not very high, at least, a pass mark.

Jamb sets general cut off marks for the schools but the school determines the departmental cut off mark. This is why Jamb will say that cut off is 180 but some persons don’t even gain admission in their school of choice with a Jamb score of 250.

The School conducts screening, sends the names of the students they have admitted back to Jamb. Then Jamb uploads it to their site and calls it Jamb admission status.

Now, you may be asking, how come some Schools offer some person admission but it doesn’t show in Jamb admission status? Nice question. The major reason is always that the person’s admission status us yet to be uploaded to the Jamb portal

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