Heritage Polytechnic Updates Summer Exam Date 2023


Are you a student at Heritage Polytechnic and wondering how recent transportation costs might affect your summer semester? The management has announced a revised examination timetable that you should be aware of. What are the new dates, and what actions must you take?

Heritage Polytechnic Summer Semester Examination Date

Due to the escalating costs of transportation and unforeseen circumstances, the management of Heritage Polytechnic has decided to modify the initial dates for the Summer Semester Examinations for the academic year 2023.


🗓️ New Exam Date Shifted to 18th September 2023 from 2nd October 2023
📚 Exam Coverage First Semester Courses (18th-22nd Sept) & Second Semester Courses (25th-29th Sept)
🛑 Academic Cut-off All academic activities must conclude by 15th September 2023
🎓 Affected Students Students with over four years on the programme
📝 Revalidation Such students must revalidate their studentship
💳 Fees & Registration Prescribed summer fee payment and deficient course registration online
📚 Credit Limit Maximum credit load of 35
📋 Timetable Check departmental notice boards for examination time-tables

New Examination Timetable: Key Dates to Remember

The Adjusted Schedule for Academic Activities

Management mandates that all academic activities for the affected semester conclude by Friday, 15th September 2023.

Timeframe for First and Second Semester Examinations

  • First Semester Examinations: The exams shall begin on Monday, 18th September 2023, and will last until Friday, 22nd September 2023.
  • Second Semester Examinations: These will be conducted from Monday, 25th September 2023 to Friday, 29th September 2023.

Additional Directives: Ensuring Continuity and Compliance

Revalidation of Studentship

Students who have remained enrolled in the programme for over four years are required to revalidate their studentship.

Payment and Course Registration

  • All affected students are instructed to pay the prescribed summer fees.
  • They must also register all deficient courses online, ensuring that the total credit load does not surpass thirty-five (35).

Final Advisory: Stay Informed and Prepared

Management strongly advises all affected students to promptly check the examination timetables displayed on their departmental notice boards. It is crucial to ensure availability during the scheduled examination periods.

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