GSU 10th-13th Combined Convocation Ceremony


Are you ready to witness a monumental event in the academic world? Professor Aliyu Usman El-Nafaty, Vice-Chancellor of Gombe State University, extends a cordial invitation for the upcoming Combined Convocation Ceremony, a momentous occasion brimming with knowledge, achievements, and recognitions!

Gombe State University Combined Convocation Ceremony

Gombe State University (GSU), a distinguished institution renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and research, warmly extends an invitation to the general public, academic communities, and all well-wishers to its 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th Combined Convocation Ceremony. This ceremonial event is a significant occasion, and it is a reflection of the university’s achievements and accomplishments in fostering educational advancements and scholarly research.

🗓 Dates 6th & 7th October 2023
⏰ Time Various Times (9:00am-06:00pm)
🏢 Venue Senate Chamber & New Multipurpose Hall
🎙 Events Press Conference, Project Commissioning, Convocation Lecture, Award of Degrees
🏆 Awards Degrees, Honorary Degrees, GSU Endowment Fund Launching
🎓 Host Prof. Aliyu Usman El-Nafaty (Vice Chancellor, GSU)
📍 Location Gombe State University (GSU)
📆 Schedule 10th, 11th, 12th & 13th Combined Convocation Ceremony

A Cordial Invitation by Vice Chancellor, Professor Aliyu Usman El-Nafaty

On behalf of the Council, Senate, and the entire University Community, Professor Aliyu Usman El-Nafaty MBICH, FWACS, FICS, OFR, the esteemed Vice Chancellor of GSU, cordially invites all to partake in this momentous occasion. The professor’s extensive accolades and prestigious recognitions underscore the university’s steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence.

Schedule of Events

Friday, 6th October 2023

Vice-Chancellor’s Press Conference

  • Time: 9:00am-10:00am
  • Venue: Senate Chamber
  • Details: A media-friendly event where the Vice-Chancellor will address the press, providing insights and highlights of the convocation ceremony and the university’s achievements.

Commissioning of Tetfund Projects

  • Time: 10:00am-12:00noon
  • Details: A significant event marking the inauguration of various projects funded by Tetfund, showcasing GSU’s continuous pursuit of infrastructural and academic development.

Convocation Lecture

  • Time: 04:00pm-06:00pm
  • Venue: New Multipurpose Hall
  • Details: An intellectually stimulating lecture to be delivered by a distinguished speaker, highlighting contemporary issues and academic discourse.

Saturday, 7th October 2023

Main Convocation Event

  • Time: 9:00am-02:00pm
  • Venue: Convocation Square
  • Details: The ceremonial awarding of degrees, launching of the GSU Endowment Fund, and conferment of Honorary Degrees to deserving individuals.

A Distinguished Gathering for Academic Celebrations

This two-day convocation ceremony serves as a platform to celebrate the accomplishments of the students and the university, and to witness the unveiling of various pivotal projects. The array of events are meticulously scheduled, allowing attendees to experience a seamless and enriching convocation journey, delving deep into the university’s contribution to knowledge and societal development.

RSVP and Additional Information

All attendees and interested parties are encouraged to mark their calendars and make the necessary arrangements to attend this illustrious event. For further details, clarifications, or RSVP, please contact the university’s convocation ceremony coordination committee.

About Gombe State University

Gombe State University is committed to the advancement of learning, and it holds a reputation for promoting the highest standards of teaching, research, and community service. Its distinguished faculty and robust academic programmes are testament to its dedication to intellectual and societal development.

Closing Remarks

The 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th Combined Convocation Ceremony of Gombe State University is more than a celebration; it’s a showcase of academic prowess and a reflection of the relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence that GSU represents. The university community eagerly awaits the presence of all invitees to share in the joy and pride of this remarkable academic festivity.

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