Gas vs Electric Water Heaters In 2023

Hello Pelita Tekni friends, this time we will discuss about an electronic equipment called Water Heater. Now this automatic water heater for bathing is not only found in hotels, villas or other lodging places.
Currently Water Heater has been widely used in homes. All of this is because of its great benefits and it really helps make household chores easier. So when you want to take a bath with warm water, you don’t have to bother boiling water anymore.

On this occasion, we will discuss 2 types of water heaters, starting from the advantages and disadvantages of each type of water heater. Although there are also other types of water heaters.

Is that a Water Heater

Water heater / water heater is a device that uses a thermodynamic process by using an energy source to heat water above its initial temperature. Alternative energy such as solar energy, geothermal, gas and other energy sources can also be used to heat water.

Although there are several types of water heaters, in general there are 2 types of water heaters that are sold in the market. Namely those that use gas as a water heater and one that uses electricity.

What are the differences, and which one is better? Check out the following reviews

Differences in Ways of Working

Here’s How Gas Water Heaters Work

1. The hot water tap is opened.

2. Cold water flows and is detected by the flow sensor.

3. The computer turns on the boomer (the part that works like a stove) to heat the heat exchanger.

4. Cold water circulates through the heat exchanger.

5. The heat exchanger heats the water to the desired temperature.

6. When finished, when the warm water tap is closed, and the water stops flowing, the flow sensor does not detect any water flow, the computer will turn off the burner.

How Electric Water Heaters Work

As the name implies, electric water heaters use electricity as a source of heating energy. The working principle of an electric tank system water heater is almost the same as cooking water using electricity (electric thermos).

The working principle of this electric water heater is by flowing water into a tank which is covered with an insulation and equipped with a coil which will heat the water due to an electric current.

Every type of water heater must have a thermostat that functions to control the temperature in the tank. Generally the thermostat can regulate the temperature of the water in the tank at 50-80 degrees Celsius.

But it’s better if you set the water temperature at 50-60 degrees Celsius for safety reasons. To avoid skin blisters due to water that is too hot.

Setting the water temperature too high has the risk of being scalded with too hot water which can cause injury, especially if children are using it.

By controlling a lower water temperature you will consume less energy than by controlling a hotter temperature.

The electric water heater itself has 2 types that are distinguished from the tank, namely the open tank type and the closed tank type.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gas Water Heaters

Heats Faster

This Gas Water Heater has advantages such as the warm water it produces can be called instant because it only takes 5 seconds after the faucet is opened.

Cheaper Prices

In addition, the price of the Water Heater unit is relatively cheap, which is around Rp. 1 million rupiah. But there are also those that cost more than that, the price of course also depends on the brand and the features offered.

Save electricity

Because it uses gas, you don’t have to worry about your electricity bills swelling up. The spare parts are relatively cheap.

Disadvantages of Gas Water Heater

The disadvantages of this type of water heater are that you still have to replace and install gas cylinders, the water it produces smells a bit of gas, the water heater unit sounds when it is running, and the hot water produced takes quite a long time if you measure how much water enters the water tube. Heater.

The second is less practical, apart from having to replace the gas cylinder when the gas runs out, you need a gas hose that is long enough for the safe placement of the gas cylinder.
Advantages of Electric Water Heaters

1. Its use is more practical than other types of water heaters.

2. Not dependent on hot weather or cloudy weather.

3. No need to bother changing gas because the energy source for this type of water heater is electricity.

4. The heat of the water produced is more stable without interruption.

Disadvantages of Electric Water Heaters

1. High electricity consumption. Like other heating equipment, the water heater is the same, to use it requires high electrical power. So for homes with small electric power, you have to add power first

It is also a waste of electricity because to maintain the temperature of the hot water reserves in the hot water tube at the desired temperature, the water heater will turn on when the water temperature has dropped.

2. The availability of hot water is quite limited, depending on the water tank you use.

What about the level of security and risk?

Actually, for the level of security, the two types of water heaters are very good.

Risks of Gas Water Heaters

For example, in the gas type, if there is a leak in the heating tube, the valve will close automatically, so that the gas flow stops.

But this does not apply if the leak occurs in the gas hose or gas regulator. Therefore, the gas position should be placed in an open place. To avoid the risk of fire or gas cylinder exploding.

Electric Water Heater Risks

The most likely hazard or risk is electric shock or electric shock. This risk will usually occur due to the installation of an electric water heater that is not of good quality. This risk is very dangerous because it could lead to death.

This electric shock incident usually occurs due to a leak in the tube. Water from a leaky tube usually seeps and hits the electrical components. Because the nature of water can act as a conductor, when water touches an electric part, the water will also contain electricity.

This risk can be prevented by servicing or draining the water in the tube. In addition to cleaning the tube from dirt that causes slow water to heat up and prevent rust. This activity can also be used to check whether there is a leak or not.

Another factor that can cause electric shock when using a water heater is an electric leak (grounding), this can be overcome with proper and thorough installation.

For all these problems you can overcome by installing Electric Wall Protection. This tool’s function is to reduce electric power when an electric leak occurs so that the electric power does not have fatal consequences for the user.

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