FUTA Warns Public of Social Media Scammers


  • FUTA has released a public warning against scammers who have cloned social media accounts in the name of Vice Chancellor, Professor Adenike Oladiji, to defraud the public with fake job, contract, and admission offers. The University urges caution in any related dealings.

FUTA Disclaimer Against Online Scams

In an age where social media platforms play an increasingly significant role in information dissemination, the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA) has found it imperative to alert the general public about the rising threat of online scams involving its esteemed Vice Chancellor, Professor Adenike Oladiji.


Institution Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA)
Scam Type Fake Social Media Accounts
Impersonated Individual Vice Chancellor, Professor Adenike Oladiji
Scam Purpose Offering Spurious Jobs, Contracts, and Admissions
Identified Platforms LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook
Official Warning Public urged to avoid dealings with the fraudulent accounts
Official Response FUTA has denounced these fraudulent activities

Impersonation and Misuse of Authority on Social Media

FUTA has recently become aware of the unscrupulous activities of certain individuals who have falsely claimed the identity of the Vice Chancellor on various social media platforms. These scammers have created spurious LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook accounts under the name of Professor Adenike Oladiji with nefarious intentions.

The Scammers’ Modus Operandi

These impostors, equipped with fraudulent accounts, aim to deceive unsuspecting members of the public by offering counterfeit jobs, contracts, and admissions purportedly from FUTA. Their primary objective is to exploit the trust and credibility associated with the Vice Chancellor’s office to defraud innocent individuals.

A Strong Word of Caution to the Public

The FUTA community, alongside the general public, is strongly urged to remain vigilant and not engage in any transactions or activities proposed by these fraudulent social media accounts. These accounts are not associated in any way with the Vice Chancellor of FUTA, Professor Adenike Oladiji.

How to Identify Legitimate FUTA Communications

When engaging with potential FUTA communications, it is crucial to verify the sources. FUTA’s official announcements are usually made through the university’s official website or verified social media handles. Any communication originating outside these channels, particularly involving job offers, admissions, or contracts, should be treated with extreme caution and reported to the appropriate authorities for further investigation.

Final Word

In this digital era, online scams have become increasingly sophisticated, exploiting the trust and goodwill of the public. FUTA remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its community and the general public. It strongly condemns these fraudulent practices and will continue to work closely with law enforcement agencies to track down these cybercriminals and bring them to justice.

FUTA urges everyone to stay vigilant, verify sources, and report any suspicious activities promptly. By working together, we can help protect our community and prevent these cyber miscreants from achieving their malicious objectives.

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