FUOYE Vice Chancellor’s Mid-Tenure Writing Competition 2023


Curious about the intertwining worlds of African politics and creative writing? Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) beckons all its undergraduates to meld intellect with insight in the Vice Chancellor’s Mid Tenure Writing Competition, focusing on the crucial theme of the re-emergence of coup d’etat!

FUOYE Vice Chancellor's Mid-Tenure Writing Competition

The distinguished Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) proudly announces the Vice Chancellor’s Mid-Tenure Writing Competition. This scholarly contest seeks to engender insightful discourse and reflection on the critical and topical subject: “Re-emergence of Coup D’état: Causes, Effects and the Future of Politics in Africa.”

Competition 🏆 Vice Chancellor’s Mid Tenure Writing Competition at FUOYE.
Topic 🌍 Re-emergence of Coup D’etat: Causes, Effects and the Future of Politics in Africa.
Eligibility 🎓 Open to all FUOYE undergraduates; Single author entries only.
Submission 📧 To be submitted to the designated email by 7th Oct, 11:59PM WAT.
Requirements 📜 Original, unpublished, English essays; 1500 to 2000 words; Times New Roman, double-spaced.
Prizes 🎁 Laptops and cash prizes for the top three entries.
Theme Insight 🤔 Exploration of the causes and effects of coup d’etat and its impact on African politics.
Originality ✍️ Entries must be the original works of the author.


This intellectual pursuit aims to invoke profound contemplation and exploration of the resurgence of coups d’état within the African political landscape, its underlying catalysts, repercussions, and prospective future within the continent’s political sphere.

Eligibility and Participation

  • Target Participants: The competition is exclusively open to all undergraduates enrolled at Federal University Oye-Ekiti.
  • Authorship: Each submission must be the sole creation of the participating undergraduate and must not involve multiple authors.
  • Originality and Exclusivity: Entries must represent the original thoughts and expressions of the participant and must not have been previously published in any other medium or platform.
  • Language of Composition: All essays must be articulated in English, ensuring accessibility and comprehension.

Submission Guidelines

  • Word Count: Essays must encompass a word count ranging between 1,500 to 2,000 words, allowing for in-depth exploration while maintaining conciseness.
  • Formatting: Submissions must be typewritten in Times New Roman font and must be double-spaced to ensure readability.
  • Submission Deadline: All entries must be submitted by 7th October, 11:59 PM WAT.
  • Submission Portal: Participants are to submit their entries electronically to essay@fuoye.edu.ng.

Prizes and Recognition

The competition offers substantial rewards, aimed at fostering academic advancement and recognising intellectual excellence:

  • First Prize: A Laptop and ₦100,000.
  • Second Prize: A Laptop and ₦70,000.
  • Third Prize: A Laptop and ₦50,000.


This competition stands as a reflection of FUOYE’s commitment to intellectual development, critical thinking, and the encouragement of dialogue on pertinent political issues affecting the African continent. Participants are urged to adhere strictly to the outlined guidelines and requirements, ensuring the maintenance of high academic and ethical standards in their submissions.

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