FUHSA Intra-University & Inter-University Transfer Procedure 2023


  • The Federal University of Health Science, Azare, has outlined the procedure and requirements for Intra-University (Change of Course) and Inter-University transfer. It includes CGPA requirements, departmental clearance, prerequisite courses, JAMB regularization, and various transfer fees ranging from ₦250,000 to ₦2,500,000.

FUHSA Intra-University and Inter-University Transfer

Embarking on a journey in academia is filled with decisions, and sometimes, those decisions need to change. Whether it’s shifting your course within the Federal University of Health Science, Azare (FUHSA), or transferring from another university, FUHSA provides a clear and guided process. This article demystifies the procedure and requirements for both Intra-University (Change of Course) and Inter-University transfers.

Procedure Login, apply for Intra/Inter-University transfer at ₦50,000.
Vacancy Requirement Subject to availability of vacancy.
Inter-University 5 ‘O’ Level credits, previous courses passed, departmental acceptance.
CGPA Requirements 4.00+ for BDS & MBBS, 1.50+ for Allied Health Sciences.
Clearance Needed Current Departmental, Faculty and University Clearance/Release.
Prerequisite Courses Take required courses from receiving department (if any).
JAMB Regularisation Must regularize with JAMB and fill Indemnity Form.
Transfer Fees Vary by type, from ₦250,000 to ₦2,500,000.

A. The Procedure: How to Begin the Transfer

The transfer process is initiated online, where you must:

  1. Visit FUHSA’s application portal and complete the relevant application form.
    • For Intra-University (Change of Course), or Inter-University transfer.
    • The application fee is Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000) only.

B. The Requirements: Understanding What’s Needed

The requirements ensure a smooth transition and provide a level playing field for all students seeking a transfer.

1. Availability of Vacancy:

  • Transfer is subject to the availability of space in the desired course or university.

2. Inter-University Transfer Requirements:

  • Qualifications: Must have five (5) relevant ‘O’ Level credits including Mathematics and English.
  • Academic Performance: Must have passed all previous courses to transfer to 200 level.
  • Acceptance: Secure acceptance from the Department, Faculty, and University.

3. Specific CGPA Requirements:

  • For Bachelor Dental Surgery (BDS) and Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS): CGPA of 4.00 and above is required.
  • For Faculty of Allied Health Sciences: A CGPA of 1.50 is mandatory.

4. Additional Procedures:

  • Clearance: Obtain current Departmental, Faculty, and University Clearance/Release.
  • Prerequisite Courses: Must take any prerequisite courses from the receiving department (if applicable).
  • JAMB Regularisation: Regularize the transfer/change of course with JAMB and fill the Indemnity Form.
  • Transfer Limitations: A candidate cannot be transferred more than once.

5. Payment of Transfer Fees (non-refundable):

The fees vary depending on the type of transfer:

  • Change of Course (Intra-University Transfer): N250,000
  • Transfer from Public University within Nigeria: N350,000
  • Transfer from Private Universities within Nigeria: N1,500,000
  • Transfer from Foreign Universities: N2,500,000

Conclusion: Embrace Your Academic Aspirations at FUHSA

Changing your course or university is a significant step in your academic journey. The Federal University of Health Science, Azare (FUHSA), ensures that this process is as smooth as possible by providing clear guidelines and procedures.

By understanding and following the laid-down procedure and requirements, you can make this pivotal transition seamlessly and align your academic path with your goals and dreams.

Whether you wish to explore a different field of study within FUHSA or join this esteemed institution from elsewhere, this guide is your roadmap. Take control of your academic destiny today. Apply now and let FUHSA be the nurturing ground for your healthcare career.

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