FPTB Academic Calendar 2022/2023 & 2023/2024


Are you a student or staff member at the Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi (FPTB) or just keen on learning about their academic plans? What events, holidays, and academic activities are in store? Discover the comprehensive breakdown below and keep yourself updated

For students and staff members ofΒ Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi (FPTB), the academic calendar is an essential tool for planning and managing time efficiently. With the start of the new session fast approaching, it’s crucial to be aware of the important dates and events for the coming academic year.

πŸ“… November 2023 Registration & Board Meetings
πŸŽ„ December 2023 Holidays & SIWES End
πŸŽ‰ January 2024 New Year & Tests
πŸ“š February 2024 Exams & Free Week
πŸŒ™ March 2024 Ramadan Fasting & Board Meetings
✝️ April 2024 Good Friday & Easter Monday
πŸ’Ό May 2024 Academic Board Meeting
πŸš€ Key Events Matriculation, Auditing & Exams Results

November 2023

Registration Period

  • Monday 20th: Registration commences for the 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 sessions. This signifies the official start of the academic year. Ensure all necessary documents and fees are prepared to facilitate a smooth registration process.

Key Meetings

  • Monday 27th: Departmental Board Meeting
  • Tuesday 28th: School Board Meeting
  • Wednesday 29th: Academic Board Meeting
Federal Polytechnic Bauchi Academic Calendar

December 2023

December brings a mix of academic and festive events to FPTB:

  • Friday 1st: SIWES Ends
  • Monday 4th – Friday 8th: Registration for SIWES Students. Concurrently, lectures commence for non-SIWES students during this period.
  • Monday 11th: Lectures commence for SIWES students, ensuring that all students are now actively engaged in their studies.
  • Monday 18th: Another round of Departmental Board Meeting.
  • Tuesday 19th – Wednesday 20th: Two days marked for School Board and Academic Board Meetings, respectively.
  • Monday 25th: Christmas Day – A day of celebration and rest.
  • Tuesday 26th: Boxing Day

January 2024

As the new year begins, FPTB’s academic activities resume in full force:

  • Monday 1st: New Year’s celebration.
  • Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th: Orientation for New Students. A crucial time for newcomers to familiarize themselves with the campus and its workings.
  • Saturday 6th: Matriculation day for the freshers.
  • Monday 8th – Saturday 13th: First Class Tests
  • Monday 29th: Second Class Tests commence

During the end of the month, there is another sequence of board meetings:

  • Tuesday 30th: Departmental Board Meeting
  • Wednesday 31st: Academic Board Meeting

February 2024

  • Saturday 3rd: Second Class Tests conclude.
  • Monday 15th – Saturday 10th: Lecture Free Week.
  • Monday 12th – Saturday 24th: A fortnight dedicated to First Semester Examinations.
  • Tuesday 27th – Thursday 29th: A series of meetings – Departmental Board, School Board, and Academic Board Meetings.

March 2024

  • Monday 11th: Ramadan Fasting (Expected). Note: This date might vary based on lunar observations.
  • Monday 11th – Friday 15th: Auditing Exercise. It is vital for departments to ensure all academic and financial records are in order.
  • Monday 18th – Saturday 23rd: Series of Departmental and School Board Meetings.
  • Monday 25th – Thursday 28th: Academic Board Business Committee Meeting.
  • Friday 29th: Good Friday – A day of reflection and reverence.

April 2024

  • Monday 1st: Easter Monday – Another day of celebration.
  • Thursday 4th: Another important session of the Academic Board Meeting, focusing on the consideration of First Semester Examination Results.

Concluding the mentioned dates, there are some essential dates to note in the coming months:

  • Wednesday 10th: Examination Results are expected to be discussed.
  • Monday 15th: Eld – Fitr (Expected) and the commencement of the Second Semester Lectures.

TheΒ Federal Polytechnic, BauchiΒ remains committed to providing quality education and a conducive learning environment. This calendar serves as a guide, ensuring all stakeholders are well-informed and prepared for the academic year ahead. Remember to bookmark this page for easy reference and stay updated with any changes or additional information.

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