Federal Universities in Nigeria: Tuition Remains Free


  • Despite the rise in ancillary fees at many Nigerian universities, the Presidency confirms that tuition remains free in federal universities. This follows the Federal Unity Colleges fee hike for new students. Charges are said to cover hostel, registration, and labs, while plans to aid financially-challenged students are underway.

Federal Universities in Nigeria Maintain Tuition-free Status

In light of recent events, it’s paramount for students, guardians, and the general public to understand the evolving structure of university fees in Nigeria. There have been murmurs and outright concerns about the rising ancillary fees at several universities nationwide. However, the presidency has come forward with a clarifying statement: tuition in federal universities remains unchanged and free.

🏛️ Tuition Status Tuition remains free in federal universities.
💰 Fee Hike Federal Unity Colleges increased school fees from N45,000 to N100,000 for new students.
📜 Official Statement “Federal universities in Nigeria remain tuition-free,” as declared by Dele Alake.
📈 Ancillary Fees Rise in fees is due to ancillary charges, not affecting tuition.
🗣️ University’s Stance Charges are for hostel, registration, laboratory etc., not tuition.
📚 Access to Education Commitment to ensuring quality tertiary education for all, irrespective of economic backgrounds.
🎓 Student Loan Scheme Law signed by President Tinubu in June for student loans.
💡 Additional Support Plans include work-study, scholarships, and grants to support students financially.

A mere five days ago, Federal Unity Colleges made headlines with the significant fee hike for new students, raising it from N45,000 to N100,000. The rapid surge naturally fuelled speculation about the financial status of tertiary institutions across the nation.

Yet, on Wednesday, the official word came through a statement headlined ‘Federal Universities Remain Tuition-free’. The statement, endorsed by the President’s Special Adviser on Special Duties, Communications and Strategy, Mr Dele Alake, categorically stated, “For the avoidance of doubts, federal universities in Nigeria remain tuition-free.”

It’s understandable, however, why there might be confusion. Yes, some fees in federal universities have surged. But it’s pivotal to understand the distinction between tuition and other charges. As the presidency aptly put it, these fees are indeed “ancillary” and don’t touch the tuition at all.

Acknowledging public concern, the presidency noted, “We are aware that some universities have in recent weeks announced increases in the amount payable by students on sundry charges.” But these aren’t to be mistaken for tuition fees. Instead, these are discretionary charges set by each institution for services like hostel accommodation, registration, and laboratory access among others.

Behind the Increase in Ancillary Fees

Delving deeper into the rationale for the hike in these ancillary fees, the authorities of the respective universities have provided explanations. But beyond the logistical explanations, the Bola Tinubu administration has stressed its unwavering commitment to Nigerian education.

The goal? Ensuring that every Nigerian, irrespective of their parents’ economic status, can avail quality tertiary education. It’s a noble vision, and there are plans already set in motion to uphold this promise.

Mr Alake shared that the Students’ Loans Scheme, under the Student Loans Bill, which received President Tinubu’s signature this past June, will be rolled out in the forthcoming academic session in September. This initiative alone signifies monumental support for students in need. Yet, that’s not the end of it.

Reiterating the Federal Government’s commitment, Alake shed light on enhanced mechanisms to assist indigent students. “Parts of the government’s plans to ensure all diligent students complete their education on time, irrespective of their parents’ financial situation, encompass work-study, merit-based scholarships, and grants,” he disclosed.

In Conclusion

To the students, guardians, and concerned citizens, it’s essential to be discerning. Yes, there are fee hikes in the ancillary departments, but the core tuition at federal universities remains free. With the commitment shown by the administration and the support mechanisms in place, the path to quality tertiary education in Nigeria appears to be on a steady course.

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