Federal Poly Offa Academic Calendar For 2nd Semester 2022/2023


  • Federal Polytechnic Offa releases its 2nd Semester academic calendar for 2022/2023. Key dates include resumption on 30th July, commencement of lectures on 31st July, and academic board meetings in August and September. The semester also features SIWES orientation, student union activities, and exams spanning from mid-October to late November.

Federal Polytechnic Offa (OFFAPOLY) Academic Calendar

At the heart of Nigeria’s tertiary educational sphere, the Federal Polytechnic Offa stands tall with its commitment to academic excellence and holistic student development. As we approach the second half of the academic year 2022/2023, it’s crucial to be abreast with the academic calendar, ensuring that both students and staff are in sync with the scheduled activities. Without further ado, let’s delve into the approved academic itinerary for the second semester of this promising academic session.

July & August: Laying the Foundations

  • Sunday, 30th July 2023An Eager Beginning – The campus comes alive with the resumption and opening of hostels for the second semester of the 2022/2023 Academic Session, catering to both full-time (FT) and part-time (PT) students.
  • Monday, 31st July 2023: The heart of any academic session, the commencement of lectures, begins, setting the pace for the semester ahead.
  • Thursday, 3rd August 2023: A pivotal day, where the Academic Board convenes, setting the tone for the academic processes to follow.
  • Thursday, 31st August 2023: Another significant juncture, as the consideration and approval of the 1st Semester 2022/2023 Examination Results are tabled.

September: Gearing Towards Mid-Semester

  • Monday, 18th – Friday, 22nd September 2023: A break from the academic hustle, the week is marked for Students Union, Clubs, Societies activities and other related events, fostering community spirit.
  • Tuesday, 26th September 2023: The Academic Board reconvenes for another crucial session.

October: Towards Semester End

  • Tuesday, 3rd October 2023: A day dedicated to practical industry exposure, SIWES Orientation is organized for the eligible students.
  • Friday, 6th October 2023: Marking the conclusion of the lectures, with 11 weeks of knowledge dissemination wrapped up.
  • Monday, 9th – Friday, 13th October 2023: A week carved out for revision, enabling students to brush up their understanding and prepare for the forthcoming exams.
  • Monday, 16th October – Friday, 3rd November 2023: The crux of the semester, the commencement of the 2nd Semester Examinations for Full-Time Students, spans over three rigorous weeks.

November: Wrapping up for Part-Time Students

  • Monday, 6th – Friday, 10th November 2023: A dedicated revision week for the part-time students, ensuring they’re well-prepared.
  • Monday, 13th – Friday, 24th November 2023: The culmination of the academic semester for the part-time scholars, with the commencement of the 2nd Semester Examinations spanning over two weeks.

In Summary

The second semester at the Federal Polytechnic Offa promises to be a blend of rigorous academic engagement, community-building activities, and evaluative milestones. To every student and staff member gearing up for this phase, here’s wishing a successful and rewarding semester ahead! 📚🎉🎓



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