Federal Cooperative College (FCC), Ibadan School Fees

It’s a new academic year at FCC, Ibadan, and with it comes the task of sorting out school fees. If you’re a new or returning student, from ND to HND programmes, there’s a range of fees depending on your course. Plus, there are additional fees for the Student Union, religious fellowships, and more. Dive into the details below to plan your budget and make sure you’re financially set for the year ahead.

Federal Cooperative College (FCC), Ibadan School Fees

If you’re gearing up for your educational journey at Federal Cooperative College (FCC), Ibadan, it’s crucial to get a clear picture of the school fees for the upcoming academic year. Whether you’re a new or returning student, you’ll find all the information you need right here.

🎓 ND 1 Fees N58,500 – N70,000
🎒 ND 2 Fees N51,500 – N56,500
🏦 HND 1 Fees N58,500 – N63,500
💼 HND 2 Fees N51,500 – N56,500
🔄 Conversion N52,500 (NDS)
📜 Diploma N49,500 – N39,500 (DCS)
📄 Certificate N59,500 (PD)
💳 Acceptance N20,000 (New Students)

Understanding Your School Fees Structure

For National Diploma (ND) 1 Students

  • Accountancy, Business Administration & Management, Banking & Finance, Cooperative Economics & Management, Marketing: Each programme has a school fee of ₦58,500.
  • Computer Science, Home & Rural Economics: These programmes are ₦63,500.
  • Daily Part-Time Programmes: The fee here is ₦70,000.

For National Diploma (ND) 2 Students

  • All Programmes Except Computer Science and Home & Rural Economics: The payable fee is ₦51,500.
  • Computer Science, Home & Rural Economics: For these, the fee is ₦56,500.

Higher National Diploma (HND) Students

  • HND 1 for All Programmes Except Computer Science and Home & Rural Economics: School fees are set at ₦58,500.
  • Computer Science, Home & Rural Economics for HND 1: These courses have a fee of ₦63,500.
  • HND 2 for All Programmes: The fees are the same as for ND 2 students in the corresponding courses.

Special Programmes Fees

  • National Diploma 2 (Conversion Programme) in Cooperative Economics & Management: ₦52,500.
  • Diploma in Cooperative Studies (DCS) 1₦49,500.
  • Diploma in Cooperative Studies (DCS) 2₦39,500.
  • Professional Diploma in Cooperative Studies₦59,500.

Acceptance Fees for New Students

  • As a newly admitted Year 1 student, you’re required to pay an acceptance fee of ₦20,000.
  • This fee should be paid into the College Remita Account.

Payment Process

  • RRR Generation: First, generate your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) by clicking on the provided link.
  • Bank Payments: With the RRR, head to the bank, fill out a teller, and ensure it’s stamped after payment.

Additional Fees to Take Note Of

Student Union Government (SUG) Fees

  • New Students₦5,000.
  • Returning Students₦3,000.
  • Payable to SUG FCC, Ibadan at Polaris Bank PLC.

Consumer Fees

  • Year 1 Cooperative Economics & Management Students Only₦1,500.
  • Payable to Consumer FCC, Ibadan at Polaris Bank PLC.

Fellowship Fees

  • Joint Christian College Fellowship₦1,000 for Christian students only, at First Bank PLC.
  • MSSN₦1,000 for Muslim students only, at Stanbic IBTC.


As you prepare for the academic year, ensuring your fees are paid on time is paramount. The Federal Cooperative College, Ibadan, has streamlined its fee structure to help you plan effectively. Remember, proper financial preparation is key to a hassle-free academic experience.

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