FCE Zaria NCE Part-Time Admission List 2023/2024

The announcement from the Federal College of Education, Zaria, signals a pivotal moment for numerous candidates. How can one verify their status on the newly released NCE Part-Time admission list? Delve into the details that follow for a comprehensive guide on the steps to unveil your academic future at FCE Zaria.

Federal College of Education (FCE) Zaria NCE Part-Time Admission List

In an eagerly awaited update, the Federal College of Education, Zaria, known as FCEZARIA, has officially announced the release of their NCE Part-Time Admission List for the 2023/2024 academic session. This news marks a pivotal moment for many aspiring educators who have been anticipating the start of their journey in the education sector.

FCE Zaria NCE Part-Time Programme Admission

The NCE Part-Time programme at FCE Zaria provides a flexible pathway for individuals who aspire to balance their studies with other commitments. The college has now extended offers of provisional admission to a select group of candidates across its various programmes.

Accessing the FCE Zaria NCE Part-Time Admission List

Notice Board Check

For those nearby or on campus, the admission list can be found physically displayed on the M.I.S. Block Notice Board within the College premises. This traditional method allows immediate access for those who prefer a personal touch in receiving their results.

Online Check

In keeping with digital accessibility, FCE Zaria has also facilitated an online portal to check admission status. To find out if you have been admitted, here’s what to do:

  1. Visit the FCE Zaria NCE part-time admission status checking portal at FCE Zaria Admission Portal.
  2. Input your Application ID in the relevant field.
  3. Click on the “Check Admission” button to view your admission status.

Candidates are encouraged to use this efficient online method to quickly verify their admission status from anywhere in the world.

Celebrating the Successful Candidates

Congratulations are in order for all individuals whose names appear on the list. This achievement not only symbolizes your hard work and dedication but also serves as the launchpad for your career in education.

Next Steps for Admitted Candidates

Admitted students should promptly follow the next steps outlined by the College to secure their place and complete the necessary administrative processes. Keep an eye on both the notice board and the official college website for further instructions on enrolment and registration.


The release of the FCE Zaria NCE Part-Time Admission List is a milestone that signifies the College’s commitment to providing accessible education. As the successful candidates prepare to embark on this new educational endeavour, FCE Zaria stands ready to foster their development into qualified educators. Once again, congratulations to all the new students!

FCE Zaria continues to uphold its reputation for excellence in teacher education, and the release of the admission list reiterates their ongoing dedication to enriching the educational landscape. For those looking to pursue a career in teaching, the NCE Part-Time programme is a promising step towards achieving that goal.

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