DAAD University Winter Courses 2024: Scholarships in Germany


  • DAAD announces its Winter Courses Scholarship for 2024 in Germany, targeting students, graduates, and doctoral candidates. Spanning 6 weeks in January-February, the program aids in enhancing German language proficiency and understanding of German culture. Recipients benefit from a €2,151 grant, travel allowances, and insurance. Apply now!

DAAD University Winter Courses in Germany

Journey to the heart of Europe! The DAAD University Winter Courses have flung their gates open for 2024, welcoming students, graduates, and doctoral candidates from around the globe. Positioned to be more than just an academic experience, this initiative embraces those keen on immersing in the German language and delving deep into the regional and cultural nuances of Germany.

Course Duration & Timeline

  • Spanning up to 6 weeks, this concise yet comprehensive programme promises an enriching experience.
  • Note: The duration of the grants is final and not open for extension.
  • Mark your calendars: Courses commence in January and culminate in February.

Scholarship Insights

Successful candidates can anticipate:

  • A one-time scholarship boon of 2,151 euros.
  • A travel allowance, adjusted as per the country of origin.
  • A robust cover encompassing health, accident, and personal liability insurance benefits.

Eligibility Framework

  • The programme beckons studentsgraduates, and doctoral candidates across diverse academic disciplines.
  • Undergraduate applicants should have at least two academic years under their belt by the time the scholarship commences.
  • Final-year undergraduates keen on pursuing postgraduate studies can also apply. However, they must provide a confirmation letter from their respective university.

Selection Process

A dedicated and seasoned selection committee will sift through every application with a discerning eye. The key parameters for selection include:

  • An applicant’s academic track record.
  • A compelling letter of motivation detailing the chosen study programme and outlining future academic pursuits.

Taking the Plunge: Application Guidelines

Prospective candidates should be prepared to furnish:

  • The completed online application form.
  • A comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV) in a tabular format (in German).
  • A resonating letter of motivation (crafted in German).
  • Undergrads: A copy of the school leaving certificate with a breakdown of grades (translated into German or English).
  • Graduates & Doctoral candidates: A copy of their most recent university degree certificate (translated into German or English).
  • A detailed account of credits earned in all university exams, inclusive of final grades, complemented by an explanation of the grading system.
  • Language proficiency certificates, if any.
  • Any other relevant document (like employment certificates or proof of internships).

Ready to embark on this winter wonder? Apply Here.

For a comprehensive understanding of the DAAD Scholarship and related specifics, navigate to the Official DAAD Scholarship Page.

Germany, with its rich history and pioneering advancements, offers a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. The DAAD University Winter Courses promise to be a melange of learning and cultural exploration. If you’ve been yearning to experience Germany, this might just be your golden ticket.

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