Covenant University Rules and Regulations 2023/2024

Covenant University holds the record of being one of the strictest private universities in Nigeria due to its numerous rules and regulations which are deeply enforced by the management. This is part of the reason covenant university has a high standard.

The rules and regulations are clearly stated in the covenant university handbook and it ranges from the covenant university dress code to the educational rules.

Covenant University Rules and Regulations

1) All students/lecturers irrespective of religious affiliations must go to church. Punishment for chapel default ranges from suspension to expulsion. It is unclear if there are punitive measures for lecturers.
b) Not bringing a bible to church is also sanctionable.

2) No student is allowed to use SIM-enabled devices(Phones)

3) Islamic holidays are disregarded – Usually, almost all Christian schools in Nigeria acknowledge Islamic holidays and allow their community to rest or even travel to felicitate.

4) Exeat Required To Exit Campus: Students are required to make a detailed application to student affairs before granted right to leave campus. At certain times people have been denied exeat for weddings of siblings, visiting sick parents etc.

5) No Protest is Allowed – Punishment ranges from suspension to expulsion.

6) Sexual Activities Outside Campus Are Sanctioned.

7) The University handbook permits the university the right to invade your privacy
and search your belongings or devices for incriminating materials such as Porn or past sexual escapades.

8) Secular songs, “ungodly music”, are banned in Covenant, Parties are also banned with the exception of picnics which is often monitored by

9) Easter Program Attendance

In April 2017, a group of 200 students were suspended for refusing to attend the Easter program tagged Youth Alive.

The parents of the suspended students described the suspension as unjust, but to the management, that sounds like a story for the Gods because they were all aware of the ever-living rules before their admission into the University.

10. Rocking Waist Trimmer

Wearing waist trimmer according to the handbook is an act of indecent behaviour manifested through the reckless dressing.

A 200 Level student of the Department of Mass Communication was once suspended for wearing waist trimmer. However, his suspension order was changed to expulsion after a search carried out in his hostel room showed he had lipsticks, pancake, and other make-up items.

11. Pornography

If there is an offence that attracts immediate expulsion from CU, it is the sex-related ones. The university frowns so much at everything ‘sexy’. If you are looking for campus hot legs, you cannot find them in this institution because the rule says all skirts must be five to seven inches below the knees.

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Covenant University Dress Code

Covenant University does not approve the wearing of jeans, short skirts, pencil skirts, sleeveless tops, high heels, and body-hugging tops/dresses.  Also, only minimal make-up can be used by female students.

The full details on the dress code are contained here —– Covenant University Official Dress Code 2021

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