College Of Nursing Nguru 2023/2024: Shift To JAMB Admissions


Nursing, as a discipline, constantly evolves, and so do its educational pathways. Why has the College of Nursing Sciences, Federal Medical Centre, Nguru, opted for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) this academic year? Is there an enhancement in their accreditation status that prospective candidates should know about? Learn about the exciting developments at this prestigious college and understand the renewed procedures to ensure your place in their National Diploma Nursing programme.

College of Nursing Sciences Nguru New Admission Pathway for ND Nursing Programme

The College of Nursing Sciences, Federal Medical Centre, Nguru, stands tall as a beacon of healthcare education. With the latest developments in the institution’s recognition and processes, it’s crucial for aspiring ND Nursing students to be abreast of vital changes that could impact their academic journey.

🏥 Institution College of Nursing Sciences, Federal Medical Centre, Nguru
📅 Session 2023/2024
📝 Admission Via Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB)
📜 Reason College officially accredited by National Board for Technical Education (NBTE)
📘 Programme National Diploma Nursing
🔄 Adjustments Candidates can make changes on JAMB portal
☎️ Contact 1 08036882219
☎️ Contact 2 070369740003, 07019191135, 08036446942

Accreditation Update: A Leap Towards Excellence

First and foremost, prospective students and the wider public must know that the College has achieved a significant milestone. It has proudly secured official accreditation from the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). This recognition not only places the College on a national pedestal of excellence but also ensures that its academic offerings are in line with the highest standards of nursing education.

Navigating the New Admission Process

With the newly attained accreditation, there have been pivotal shifts in the admission process:

  • JAMB Becomes Central: The entire admission pathway has now been streamlined through the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Prospective candidates should make their application exclusively via JAMB’s portal.
  • Adjustments on JAMB Portal: If you’re a candidate who had previously set sights on another institution, it’s imperative to revisit the JAMB portal. Necessary readjustments can be made there,  Shifting your choice to the College of Nursing Sciences, Federal Medical Centre, Nguru.
  • Programme Specifics: When navigating the JAMB portal, ensure to select the specific programme: National Diploma Nursing. This precision ensures your application lands in the right place, facilitating a smoother process.

Got Queries? Reach Out

The College remains committed to addressing any queries, doubts, or clarifications that candidates might harbour. For in-depth information or specific concerns, candidates are encouraged to connect directly using the following contact numbers:

  • 08036882219
  • 070369740003
  • 07019191135
  • 08036446942

In summation, the College of Nursing Sciences, Federal Medical Centre, Nguru, remains a vanguard institution in the domain of nursing education. With its new accreditation and revised admission process, the College is poised to usher in a cohort of well-informed, well-prepared nursing students ready to make their mark. So, gear up and embark on this promising academic voyage. Best of luck to all aspirants!

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