CcHub-Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship: Unlock $100k Funding For African Startups

Are you an African edtech startup seeking transformative opportunities? Discover how the CcHub-Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Programme Cohort II could be your gateway to unparalleled growth, funding, and mentorship. Why wait when $100k in equity-free funding and a network of seasoned investors are within your reach? Read on to find out if you’re eligible and how to apply before the February 17, 2024 deadline.

CcHub-Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Programme

In an era where technology and education are increasingly intertwined, a groundbreaking initiative is on the rise. The CcHub-Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Programme, now in its second cohort, is a beacon of innovation and opportunity. This programme is a collaborative effort between CcHub and Mastercard Foundation, designed specifically to bolster edtech startups that are committed to enhancing learning outcomes and ensuring equitable, quality education in Africa.

🌍 Programme Focus Enhancing learning in Africa, startups in Nigeria.
📚 Eligibility Africa-focused, solutions for K-12 to vocational skills.
🚀 Benefits $100k funding, support, investor exposure.
👩‍🏫 Inclusion Inclusive teams, female founders encouraged.
💡 Selection 3-stage process: Problem fit, scalability, interview.
📅 Deadline February 17, 2024.
🌐 More Info Visit official webpage.
📈 Apply Now Seeking transformative edtech solutions.

Eligibility Criteria: Is Your Startup a Perfect Fit?

To participate, your startup must be Africa-focused and incorporated in Nigeria. The programme targets solutions addressing challenges in K-12, tertiary education, and vocational skills training. Your Edtech Solution must embody two core qualities:

EdTech Solution-Based Approach

The solution should have verifiable users and align with the accelerator’s focus areas, including education access, student learning, school management, and teacher or trainer effectiveness.

Emphasis on Inclusive Teams

Applicants should showcase a balanced team, passionate about education. Special encouragement is given to female founders of EdTech solution companies to apply.

What Awaits Successful Applicants: A Suite of Benefits

Startups that successfully enter the accelerator programme will enjoy a plethora of benefits.

Equity-Free Funding: Qualified startups will receive $100k in equity-free funding throughout the accelerator programme.

Expert Support & Mentoring: Participating startups gain access to a pool of multidisciplinary experts for design, product, and tech optimization.

Exposure to Investor Network: This programme provides a platform for startups to connect with investors, crucial for scaling their products.

The Selection Process: A Three-Stage Journey

The application process is thorough and comprises three stages:

  1. Initial Application Assessment: This stage evaluates the problem/solution fit, founder potential, business model fit, and traction.
  2. Advanced Assessment: Startups that progress past the first stage are evaluated on scalability, long-term plan/vision, competitive advantage, and team potential.
  3. Final Interview and Selection: The concluding stage involves interviews with applicants who have successfully navigated the previous stages, followed by a final selection, subject to due diligence.

How to Apply for CcHub-Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Programme

Are you ready to be part of this transformative journey? Visit the official webpage of the CcHub-Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Programme for more information. Remember, the application deadline is February 17, 2024. Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to shape the future of education in Africa.

As technology continues to redefine the educational landscape, initiatives like the CcHub-Mastercard Foundation Edtech Fellowship Programme are vital. They not only foster innovation but also ensure that education remains a right accessible to all, irrespective of their location. Your startup could be the next to make a significant impact in the world of education. If your mission aligns with this initiative’s goals, this could be your moment to shine and make a real difference.

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