BudgIT GovSpend Media Fellowship Program 2023


  • Applications are open for BudgIT’s GovSpend Media Fellowship 2023. Targeting Nigerian journalists, it offers training in creative communication and data-driven storytelling. 12 fellows will be chosen for this 3-month program, focusing on budget access, social justice, anti-corruption, and more.

BudgIT GovSpend Media Fellowship Program

The Nigerian media environment has been shaping its presence with cutting-edge approaches and profound insights, and no initiative exemplifies this trend better than theĀ BudgIT GovSpend Media Fellowship Program. Launching its 2023 cohort, the fellowship invites investigative journalists to delve into financial and governance topics, offering a chance to elevate their careers while fostering transparency and accountability within Nigeria.



šŸŽ“ Fellowship Goal Train 12 journalists on the GovSpend platform and data-driven storytelling.
šŸ“… Duration September to November 2023
šŸ’µ Stipend N200,000 monthly for story coverage and logistics
šŸ§© Topics Budget access, anti-corruption, transparency, etc.
šŸŽ„ Training Areas Data Visualization Tools, Multimedia storytelling, etc.
šŸŒ Eligibility Journalists from six geopolitical zones of Nigeria
šŸ“¢ Announcement Winners on August 28, 2023; Fellowship from September to November 2023

A Fellowship with a History of Impact

TheĀ BudgIT GovSpend Media Fellowship ProgramĀ is not a new name among media professionals in Nigeria. Established in 2017, the fellowship has since become a beacon for journalists striving to write compelling stories on pertinent subjects such as budget access, project tracking, use of extractive revenues, social justice, anti-corruption, open governments, and transparency. BudgITā€™s unique platform has provided a stage for these narratives, supporting them with real-time data.

Fellowship Structure

This exclusive fellowship aims to identify and trainĀ 12 media fellows, two from each of the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. Over the span of three months, from September to November 2023, these selected individuals will be guided to explore and scrutinise spending through the gov spend platform. The ultimate goal is to uncover the value for money or corruption cases that may have transpired during the procurement process.

The 12 investigative stories that emerge from this fellowship will be broadcasted via the medium by which the fellows work, amplifying their voice and impact.

Benefits and Training Sessions

The fellowship comes laden with incentives and training opportunities:

  • Monthly Stipend: A financial aid of N200,000 will be provided to cover story coverage and logistics.
  • Engagements with Stakeholders: Regular rounds of interaction with stakeholders will be held to gain feedback and support.
  • Workshops and Sessions: The BudgIT team will conduct sessions onĀ CenteringĀ People in Your Stories,Ā Storytelling for Journalists,Ā Making Sense of the Data,Ā Data VisualizationĀ Tools, andĀ Multimedia Storytelling.

Eligibility Criteria

The doors of this fellowship are open to:

  • Investigative/media journalists from the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
  • Applicants interested in writing on topics such as budget access, project tracking, use of extractive revenues, social justice, anti-corruption, open governments, and transparency.

Application Process and Deadline

The application process is as streamlined as it is promising. Winners will be announced on August 28, 2023, with fellows informed in advance to ensure media materials are provided for the announcement. The Govspend Media Fellowship session for the 2023 cohort will commence in September 2023 and conclude in November 2023.


For more detailed information, visitĀ GovSpend Media Fellowship.

Deadline for application: August 15, 2023

TheĀ BudgIT GovSpend Media Fellowship Program 2023Ā represents an ambitious step towards cultivating a new generation of journalists who are not only skilled but also deeply committed to the principles of justice, transparency, and integrity. This is an opportunity that seeks to redefine not just the professional trajectory of individual journalists but the entire landscape of Nigerian media. If you are a journalist who shares these values, this is your call to action. Apply today and become part of this transformative journey.

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