Arthur Jarvis University Remedial Program: Easy Admission Without JAMB

Dreaming of university but tangled in the web of exam results? Arthur Jarvis University throws you a lifeline with its Remedial Program—a beacon for those who yearn for a seat in academia but face hurdles. With the promise of bypassing JAMB and remedying subject deficiencies, could this be the chance you’ve been waiting for? Let’s unpack how AJU’s remedial program could be your academic game-changer.

Imagine securing a university admission without the usual entrance exam rigmarole; it’s not just a dream at AJU. But what does it take to join the Remedial Program, and how does it bridge the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be? With straightforward entry requirements and the lure of uninterrupted education, AJU’s remedial program is designed for those ready to take control of their learning journey.

Arthur Jarvis University (AJU) Remedial Programme Admission

Are you striving to realize your academic aspirations? The Arthur Jarvis University (AJU) Remedial Program presents an unparalleled opportunity for prospective students. Located in the heart of Calabar, this program is designed to offer you a seamless transition into university life, bypassing the traditional Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examinations. In this comprehensive guide, you will discover the essentials of the program, from entry requirements to the substantial benefits it offers.

🎓 Program Offer AJU’s Remedial Program offers direct university admission.
📝 Eligibility Requires at least 2 credits in WAEC/NECO.
💳 Payment Info Pay N10,000 to UBA Account: 1026312948 to secure a spot.
📌 Registration Complete at AJU Study Centre, 4 AB Martin Street, Calabar.
🛑 No JAMB Admission without JAMB as a prerequisite.
📚 Subject Remedy Remediate deficiencies in one or two subjects.
📞 Contact Details For inquiries, call 08064233399 or 08123138205.
✨ Program Benefits Guarantees admission and uninterrupted education.

Who is it For?

The AJU Remedial Program is tailored for aspirants like you, who aim to bridge academic gaps and secure a place in university. Whether you’ve faced challenges in your previous examinations or seek to strengthen your academic foundation, this program is your gateway to success.

Eligibility Criteria

To enrol, you must have a minimum of two credits in your WAEC or NECO examinations. This ensures that the program is accessible to a wide range of students, fostering inclusivity and diversity in education.

Enrolment Process

Joining is straightforward:

  1. Payment: Secure your spot by transferring N10,000 to the designated UBA account: 1026312948.
  2. Documentation: Visit the AJU Study Centre at 4 AB Martin Street, Opp. Naks Hotel, Marian, Calabar, to complete your registration.

Why Choose AJU’s Remedial Program?

Guaranteed University Admission

One of the most significant advantages of this program is the guaranteed admission into AJU, bypassing the JAMB requirement. This benefit is a game-changer for many students, offering a smoother transition to higher education.

Remedying Subject Deficiencies

If you’re struggling in one or two subjects, this program provides a tailored approach to address these areas, ensuring a well-rounded academic profile.

Immunity from Strikes

With AJU’s Remedial Program, you no longer need to worry about educational disruptions due to strikes, ensuring a continuous and focused learning experience.

Contact Information and Further Assistance

For more information or any inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out:

  • ☎️ 08064233399
  • ☎️ 08123138205

Your Opportunity Awaits

Join the AJU Remedial Program today and embark on a journey that paves the way for your academic and career success. This is more than just a program; it’s your stepping stone to a brighter future! 🎓✨

Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Enrol now and be part of a community that values education, excellence, and empowerment. Arthur Jarvis University is committed to helping you achieve your dreams. Welcome aboard! 🚀

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