Al-Hikmah University’s Hostel Accommodation Policy

For students at Al-Hikmah University, understanding the hostel accommodation policies is as essential as your course selection. With compulsory on-campus living for certain year groups and a clear process for those exempted, are you prepared to navigate these new rules? Let’s dive into what you need for a seamless campus living experience.

Al-Hikmah University's Hostel Accommodation Policy

As you prepare for the upcoming academic year at Al-Hikmah University, it is crucial to understand the university’s policy regarding student accommodation. Here’s what you need to know about the hostel arrangements for the 2023/2024 session.

🏘️ Compulsory Hostel New, 200L, Final year
💸 Exemption Fee N10,000
📋 Approved List See Student Affairs
📄 Exemption Receipt Required for Clearance
🛂 Hostel Pass For Out-of-Campus Stay
🚪 Campus Entry Pass Grants Access
🚫 Unapproved Stay Not Allowed
📚 Student Affairs Contact for Clearance

Mandatory Hostel Accommodation

Who Must Stay in University Hostels?

Compulsory Residence: If you are a new student, in your second year, or a final year student, residing in the university hostel is mandatory.

Exemption and Fees for Other Students

Hostel Exemption Fee

Non-Resident Students: If you are at a different level and unable to secure a place in the university hostel, you are required to pay a Hostel Exemption Fee of N10,000.

Approved Off-Campus Accommodation

List of Sanctioned Hostels

The Student Affairs office maintains a list of approved off-campus hostels and houses for students who are not residing on campus.

Obtaining Clearance

Before moving into any off-campus accommodation, ensure you:

  • Pay the exemption fee.
  • Collect a Clearance/Hostel Pass from the Student Affairs Office with your receipt.

Campus Entry with Pass

This pass is necessary for you to gain entry to the campus on a daily basis.

Adherence to Approved Accommodation

Unauthorized Residences: Please be aware that staying in a hostel or house not on the approved list is prohibited.

It’s essential to follow these guidelines closely to ensure you have a hassle-free experience with your accommodation at Al-Hikmah University. If you have any questions or need further assistance, the Student Affairs Office is there to help you. Compliance with the university’s accommodation policy is not only part of the campus security measures but also a step towards ensuring a comfortable and productive academic environment for you.

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