AIMS African Masters Of Machine Intelligence Programme 2024


The AIMS African Masters of Machine Intelligence (AMMI) Programme 2023/2024 is opening doors for aspiring MI researchers. But what does it offer, and why is it so crucial for the African continent? How do scholarships and mentorship play a role in this esteemed programme? What can graduates expect in their journey towards achieving global MI breakthroughs? Dive deeper to understand this unparalleled opportunity.

The esteemed African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is ushering in the future of machine intelligence research in Africa by announcing the commencement of applications for its African Masters of Machine Intelligence (AMMI) Programme for 2023/2024. This programme is a cornerstone for budding AI enthusiasts, crafted meticulously to usher in a new era of machine intelligence experts who will not only shape the continent’s AI trajectory but also make groundbreaking strides on a global scale.

Programme 🎓 AIMS African Masters of Machine Intelligence 2023/2024
Focus 🌐 MI basic research & development of applications for Africa/world
Outcome 🎖 Strengthen African MI & global scientific community
Scholarship 💷 Full scholarship for all admitted students
Eligibility ✅ Degree in related fields, 80% average, interest in AI/ML, mentorship
Application Materials 📝 Transcripts, References, Personal Statement, Background Summary/Video
Application Deadline ⏰ October 31, 2023
Programme’s Vision 🌟 Graduates to bolster R&D labs in Africa & beyond

AMMI: Vision and Scope

The primary essence of AMMI revolves around equipping its graduates with in-depth knowledge, both theoretical and practical, in the realm of Machine Intelligence (MI). While laying a solid foundation in basic MI research is paramount, the programme also emphasizes the tangible development of a multitude of applications. These applications, futuristic in their outlook, aim to cater to the immediate and prospective requirements of both Africa and the international community.

It is the institute’s firm belief that AMMI alumni will emerge as the torchbearers of MI in Africa. Whether they opt to innovate within leading R&D labs across the continent or choose to extend their expertise globally, their contributions are set to fortify the African MI and broader scientific communities. The ultimate aspiration? Pioneering global advancements that resonate with the welfare of humanity.

AIMS African Masters of Machine Intelligence (AMMI) Programme

Scholarship Insights

AIMS acknowledges the financial challenges that might deter potential talents. Therefore, every student fortunate enough to secure a seat in the AMMI programme is automatically endowed with a full scholarship, ensuring that financial constraints never hinder their academic pursuits.

Eligibility Criteria

The programme has a stringent eligibility framework to ensure that only the most promising candidates are nurtured:

  • A recognized bachelor’s degree in domains such as mathematics, computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering from an accredited institution.
  • A commendable academic track record, typically showcasing a minimum average grade of B (or 80%) or superior.
  • A keen interest or prior experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning, as demonstrated through relevant coursework or projects.
  • An obligation to mentor an undergraduate from their alma mater while enrolled at AMMI and a commitment to guide an AMMI pupil post-graduation.
  • An unwavering passion for leveraging science and technology to address pressing national or continental challenges.

Application Essentials

Prospective AMMI candidates must ensure they possess their original academic credentials upon joining the campus. The application dossier should encompass:

  • Transcripts: All official transcripts, spanning every post-secondary institution, inclusive of summer terms and extended programmes. Non-English or French transcripts should be complemented with certified English translations.
  • References: A minimum of three references. It’s imperative to notify these recommenders as they would be approached for a recommendation letter, evaluating the candidate’s intellectual prowess, research aptitude, character, and prior academic feats.
  • Personal Statement: A concise narrative (max 500 words) portraying one’s academic trajectory, achievements in AI, ambitions, and other AI-related accolades.
  • Background Summary: Optionally, candidates can submit a succinct 90-second video, ensuring clarity in both visuals and audio.

Embark on this transformative academic journey by applying directly on the AIMS AMMI application portal.

For a comprehensive overview of the programme, delve into the official AMMI Programme site.

Application Deadline: October 31, 2023

AIMS African Masters of Machine Intelligence stands as a testament to Africa’s commitment to pioneering AI research. If you’re an AI aficionado aspiring to revolutionise the domain on a continental and global scale, this is the academic platform you’ve been waiting for.

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