African Union CIEFFA Online Capacity Building Training 2023


  • The African Union CIEFFA introduces its 2023 Online Capacity Building Training, a collaboration with ImpactHer. It’s designed to boost STEAM, digital, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship skills, while equipping teachers effectively. This fully-funded training is an avenue to gain knowledge, certificates, and a vibrant network. Apply by 23rd July

African Union CIEFFA Online Capacity Building Training

In a world brimming with rapid technological advancement, the African Union CIEFFA together with ImpactHer, have launched a visionary initiative for 2023. The programme aims to bridge existing skill gaps and empower Africans with contemporary, gender-responsive curricula.

🌍 Training Open African Union CIEFFA Online Capacity Building Training 2023.
🎯 Aim Enhance skills in STEAM, digital/financial literacy, entrepreneurship; train teachers effectively.
📌 Theme “#AfricaEducatesHer – Digital Skills for All”, focus on bridging gender gap in various fields.
📅 Training Dates August to December, post successful pilot phase ending June 2023.
📚 Training Format One month: Digital Literacy (2 weeks), Entrepreneurship (1 week), Financial Literacy (1 week).
✨ Benefits Knowledge gain, certificates, networking, & chances for more fully-funded in-person activities.
✅ Eligibility Open to Africans; with motivation, leadership, access to internet, understanding of English/French/Portuguese.
📧 Apply By Application deadline: July 23, 2023. Program starts August.

An Overview of the Initiative

The African Union CIEFFA Online Capacity Building Training 2023 provides an exceptional platform for individuals eager to refine their proficiencies in areas like STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), digital literacy, financial acumen, and entrepreneurial strategies. Additionally, it magnifies the ability of educators to effectively impart these subjects.

Championing the banner, “#AfricaEducatesHer – Digital Skills for All: Bridging the Gender Gap in STEAM, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship”, the programme has seamlessly transitioned from its pilot phase which culminated in June 2023. The next cycle of the training beckons in August and will unroll until December.

Training Specifics

For those inquisitive about the structure, the month-long immersive programme is slated to cover:

  • Digital Literacy – Spanning two enlightening weeks.
  • Entrepreneurship – A week-long dive into the nuances of business innovation.
  • Financial Literacy – A week dedicated to fiscal wisdom and strategies.

Participants have the flexibility to opt for one or a combination of two courses. Yet, the door remains open for those hungry learners wishing to embark on all three simultaneously.

Perks of Participation

Why should you consider joining? Here are some compelling takeaways:

  • Mastery over Digital Skills, Entrepreneurial know-how, and Financial Literacy.
  • Earn a certificate for each programme – with the proviso that participants actively engage in at least 60% of the respective courses.
  • An exclusive opportunity to become part of the influential networks of African Union CIEFFA and ImpactHER.
  • Elevate your profile and amplify your chances of being shortlisted for fully-sponsored, in-person events orchestrated by the African Union CIEFFA.
  • Savour the luxury of a fully-funded online training journey, courtesy of ImpactHER.

Who Can Apply?

Criteria for eligibility encompass:

  • Being an African, irrespective of gender.
  • A palpable enthusiasm to absorb knowledge about digital, entrepreneurial, and financial facets.
  • Demonstrable leadership prowess, coupled with a fervent drive to advocate for the education of girls and women.
  • Reliable access to an internet connection and an electronic device (laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet).
  • Proficiency in one of the programme languages – English, French, or Portuguese.
  • Possessing citizenship of an African nation, whether residing within the continent or globally.

Time to Act

With the application deadline looming on July 23, 2023, and the programme’s inception set for August, potential participants should act swiftly.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Apply now.

For those seeking a deeper understanding, further details await at #AfricaEducatesHer.

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