Advantages of Choosing Brass Ac Service Services

One of the things that AC owners often fix is ​​periodic service. Even though this ac must get regular service so that its performance can be maintained properly. If you are in the Kuningan area or its surroundings, we are now ready to serve you. Helping to carry out routine servicing of the AC that you have.

Pelita Teknik not only provides AC Service but also AC repair, new AC installation, or used AC. Also accept Ac trade-ins, both new and used.

Pelita Teknik also provides other electronic equipment repair services such as repairing refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters and other electronic equipment.

The wide range of problems that we can handle, of course, will be very useful for you. Because then there is no need to store many numbers of Electronic repair service providers.

Before explaining the advantages of the service products we provide, let’s review a little about the meaning of AC and its functions.

Definition and Functions of Ac

Air Conditioner or AC is a machine that is made to stabilize the temperature and humidity of the air in a room. This tool is used to cool the room air temperature. However, Air Conditioner is often referred to as AC because it is used more to cool the room.

Even though AC is a product of modern technology, this AC was already known in the days of Ancient Rome and Persia. The Willis Hailand Carrier was one of the first to invent the modern, large-scale, electric air conditioner in 1902.

As the name implies, air conditioner or AC has a function to condition the air in a room so that it feels cool, comfortable and healthy. There are three functions that you can feel when using an air conditioner, namely:

Can Adjust Air Temperature

The main function of the air conditioner is to regulate the air temperature in the room. You can set the ac temperature through the number listed on the remote control. In general, the lowest AC temperature is 16°  Celsius and the highest temperature is 30° Celsius.

Can Regulate Air Humidity

Air temperature and humidity are interrelated so that indirectly the air conditioner also functions to regulate air humidity. AC temperature should be set at an ideal temperature of 20 -23 degrees Celsius because the air that is too cold has high humidity which causes the skin to dry quickly.

Clean Air

This AC machine is also equipped with a filter to filter dust and dirt in the air so that the air becomes clean and healthy through this Ac. Therefore, the filter on the AC must be cleaned regularly and periodically so that the dirt filtered in the Ac filter remains clean.

Even some air conditioners have been implemented, sophisticated technologies not only filter dust, but also apply anti-bacterial and ioniser technology. So that it can ensure the cleanliness of the inhaled air

How Often Should Ac Be Cleaned?

At least the air conditioner must be cleaned every 2 or 3 months. Especially if you put it in an open room. By cleaning the air conditioner once every three months, the efficiency level will be maintained and you can anticipate or prevent damage to your air conditioner.

Repairing an air conditioner using a technician is now very easy for you, friend. AC service usually already has rates and service packages so that customers can more easily choose the services they need.

Why Should You Hire a Technician?

Why do we have to use Ac service services? First, don’t second-guess the solution, the technician already knows which areas need to be cleaned and the technician also offers long-term solutions.

In order for the AC to work more optimally, cleaning the AC requires an in-depth understanding of how the components of this AC device work.

Second, the quality of workmanship. Quality AC service can only be achieved by technicians, bearing in mind that the components contained in this device are easily damaged so that it requires careful handling from technicians and technicians also have complete equipment.

The last one is warranty. AC cleaning services not only provide quality service but also have a guarantee. Professional technicians usually have a license in the form of a guarantee to guarantee the quality of work. Service guarantees are provided to ensure customers get additional services if they experience problems in the future.

The most important thing for customers is to choose an AC service that provides guarantees so that customers can easily make warranty claims if they experience problems.

Having an air conditioner that works optimally is a gift in itself for you. That’s why I recommend that you use the services of a professional technician so that the air conditioner works optimally in any weather conditions.

Advantages of Service Ac Kuningan

The following are some of the advantages of brass ac services, including:

Professional Technician

The first advantage of this service is that each technician has qualified flying hours. This means that every worker who comes to your office or residence has sufficient experience, field and knowledge so that they can work quickly and safely.

In addition, the tools used are the best so that the process takes place quickly. You can also ask a technician about AC Service or problems that occur with Ac. Definitely will be answered well. The answers given can also be a solution to help you make the best decision. Moreover, the technicians are very friendly so that customers are satisfied with the existing services.

Transparent Price

Another thing that is the advantage of AC Kuningan services is the costs that are clearly communicated to customers. You can ask each fee directly when you want to order or when you want to use their services. When compared to the benefits you get, the costs are quite light on the pocket so it’s not burdensome.

We provide several existing service parts, namely AC servicing/washing, repair, installation, and replacement of AC spare parts. Of course, each section has a different price. However, consumers can get a discount if they have a large number of air conditioners and all of them want to be serviced at once. Be sure to ask beforehand so you can get more detailed information.

Services Diverse And Have High Standards

Kuningan AC Service has a variety of services that consumers can take advantage of. Services available include AC cleaning, cleaning, refilling freon, changing parts, installing and repairing AC.

This service uses high quality standards so that the results of existing services are guaranteed to be very good according to consumer expectations. Every employee present is aware of these standards and strives to achieve them.

Has a 30 Day Warranty

Pelita Teknik also provides a 30 day warranty. So, if there is a problem with the air conditioner that has just been handled by our workforce, then immediately call the service number, so that they can immediately send a technician to check or repair it as soon as possible. This warranty can be in the form of repair or replacement of spare parts according to the initial request.

Have Quality Service

Kuningan AC Service will provide optimal and quality service. The quality referred to includes workmanship, timeliness, solutions to customer problems, and technician friendliness in explaining each problem.

Very Decent Price

Kuningan AC Service will provide a price that is in accordance with the services provided. Our services already have a good reputation at prices that don’t disappoint. Remember, don’t be tempted by prices that are too cheap because cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good quality.

The right solution

Brass AC service services can also communicate well with their customers. Our technicians will even provide consulting sessions on various issues. They will provide competent and professional personnel in serving consumers.

Guarantee spare parts / spareparts

If there is an AC component that needs to be replaced, the AC Kuningan service will guarantee the quality of the replacement product. We even provide a 30-day warranty for replacement spare parts or spare parts. As a guarantee that the quality of the sperpat is really the best quality.

To be able to get AC Service Services from us, please call the telephone number that is already listed.

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