ACENTDFB Post-Graduate Studies in Biotech & Forensics 2023


Have you ever pondered which institution leads the way in addressing the 20 neglected tropical diseases identified by the World Health Organisation in West Africa? Interested in pursuing a career in biotechnology or forensics? The Africa Center of Excellence for Neglected Tropical Diseases and Forensic Biotechnology (ACENTDFB) might be your answer!

ACENTDFB Post-Graduate Studies in Biotechnology & Forensics

The Africa Center of Excellence for Neglected Tropical Diseases and Forensic Biotechnology (ACENTDFB) stands out as a remarkable institution in the realm of scientific research and education. Uniquely positioned in the West African landscape, it addresses a gap that is of paramount significance: neglected tropical diseases. Given that these diseases currently tally at 20, as per the World Health Organisation’s count, the role of the ACENTDFB is undeniably vital.

🌍 Institution Africa Center of Excellence for Neglected Tropical Diseases and Forensic Biotechnology
📍 Location West Africa
🦠 Focus 20 neglected tropical diseases (WHO recognised)
📜 PG Diploma Forensic Biotechnology
🎓 MSc Programmes Biotechnology, Forensic Science
🌐 PhD Programmes Biotechnology, Forensic Biotechnology
📝 Application Visit School of Post-Graduate Studies, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria
💼 Career Pathways Biotechnology, Forensics

Dive into the ACENTDFB’s Stellar Academic Offerings

The centre’s commitment to excellence is clearly reflected in its diverse and meticulously curated degree programmes. These are designed to cultivate experts and scholars in biotechnology and forensic science, equipping them to tackle some of the most pressing challenges in contemporary health and forensic research.

Post-graduate Programmes:

  • Post-graduate Diploma in Forensic Biotechnology: A stepping stone into the world of forensic studies, offering a blend of biotechnology expertise.
  • MSc Biotechnology: Dive deep into the transformative world of biotechnological research and applications.
  • MSc Forensic Science: Master the art and science behind crime scene investigations, forensic analysis, and evidence interpretation.
  • Forensic Programme: A holistic exploration of forensic studies, from evidence gathering to laboratory analysis.

Doctorate Programmes:

  • PhD Biotechnology: Aimed at those seeking to make ground-breaking contributions to the world of biotech research.
  • PhD Forensic Biotechnology: An interdisciplinary approach, amalgamating biotechnological methods with forensic analyses.

Embarking on Your ACENTDFB Journey

For those eager to contribute to this dynamic field and be part of the ACENTDFB’s academic community, the application process is straightforward.

To enrol in any of the illustrious programmes, all one needs to do is head to the School of Post-Graduate Studies at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. More detailed information and application procedures can be accessed directly through their official portals:

In closing, for students and researchers keen on pioneering advancements in neglected tropical diseases and the nuanced world of forensic biotechnology, the ACENTDFB offers an unparalleled platform. It’s not just an institution; it’s a movement driving change.

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