Apply For Access Bank Entry Level Training Program 2023


Are you a young, ambitious individual captivated by the banking sector? What if there was an opportunity to not just work, but to be intensively trained by a top-tier financial institution? Access Bank Plc offers exactly that, through its Entry Level Trainee Programs designed for graduates who are eager to make a notable impact in finance.

Access Bank Entry Level Recruitment

If one harbours an invincible drive, exhibits remarkable confidence, and possesses an unyielding enthusiasm for the banking sector, Access Bank Plc offers a golden pathway to realise these aspirations. The bank cordially invites such individuals to apply for its Entry Level Trainee Programs (ELTP – GRAD and ELTP RETAIL) for 2023. As a premier financial institution on a mission to set industry benchmarks, Access Bank is committed to fostering an inclusive environment. It champions diversity and gender equity, extending its call to qualified females and differently-abled individuals.

🏦 Institution Access Bank Plc offers Entry Level Trainee Programs in different divisions.
🎓 Eligibility Candidates should be under 26–28 years and hold at least a second class upper degree.
💼 Divisions Programs in Enterprise Resource Group, Corporate and Investment Banking, and Commercial Banking.
🛒 Retail Retail programs are in sales, products, and retail operations.
👫 Diversity Equal opportunity employer with a focus on gender and diversity.
📜 NYSC Completion of NYSC is mandatory.
⚠️ Warning Duplicate and false information will lead to disqualification.
🗓️ Deadline Application closes on 15th September 2023.

Comprehensive Training: Where Mastery Takes Root

The journey at Access Bank commences with an exhaustive training regimen conducted at the esteemed School of Banking Excellence. This phase serves as an extraordinary opportunity for trainees to assimilate knowledge alongside their highly proficient peers.

Unwavering Commitment to Equality and Diversity

Access Bank stands as an equal opportunity employer, where recruitment decisions emanate from an intense and impartial evaluation. This assessment focuses on an amalgam of business exigencies, job-specific criteria, and individual qualifications. Therefore, it is not only cognisant of gender balance but also proactively encourages applications from those with physical disabilities.

Decoding the Application: ELTP Grad and ELTP Retail

ELTP Grad: A Closer Examination of Requirements

  • Age Limitation: Candidates must not exceed the age of 26 years at the time of application. For those holding MSc or LLB degrees, the upper age limit is 28 years.
  • Educational Mandates: A minimum academic qualification of a second-class upper degree (2:1) from an accredited university is non-negotiable.
  • Additional Provisions: Completion of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a requisite.
  • Divisional Opportunities: This stream offers placements in Enterprise Resource Group (ERG), Corporate and Investment Banking Division (CIBD), and Commercial Banking Division (CBD).

ELTP Retail: Shedding Light on Prerequisites

  • Age Parameters: Similar to the ELTP Grad, candidates should not be above 26 years old. For MSc or LLB holders, the maximum permissible age is 28.
  • Academic Benchmarks: Candidates must possess at least a second-class upper (2:2) degree from a recognised university.
  • NYSC Obligations: A completed NYSC program is mandatory.
  • Functional Areas: This pathway caters to Retail Sales, Products, and Retail Operations.

Mastering the Application Process: Your Blueprint

  1. Online Submission: Qualified candidates should apply online. All applications must be exclusive and online.
  2. Avoid Duplication: Any form of replicated submissions will nullify the application.
  3. Accuracy and Honesty: Ensure all provided information is accurate and truthful, as discrepancies will lead to automatic disqualification.

Vital Notices for Applicants

  • The application is free of charge.
  • Access Bank does not employ agents for application assistance.
  • The application window culminates on Friday, 15th September 2023.

Only candidates who successfully clear each stage will be contacted for further procedures. For more in-depth information, visit the official Access Bank career page.

In summary, Access Bank Plc’s Entry Level Trainee Programs for 2023 offer an unmatched opportunity to initiate a prosperous career in the banking sector. The bank seeks to empower individuals who align with its organisational values and possess the required qualifications. If you find yourself resonating with these standards, don’t hesitate to apply. Time is running out, and your future in banking beckons.

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