Access ART X Prize 2023/2024 For Emerging Talents!


Embark on a journey to artistic prominence with the Access ART X Prize 2023/2024, a beacon for emerging talents across Africa and its diaspora. Have you dedicated years to harnessing your craft and are now ready to unfold your creative wings on the global stage? This illustrious prize extends beyond boundaries, offering a prestigious residency, exhibitions, and a substantial grant, all enveloped in a realm of cultural exchange and artistic exploration.

Access Bank ART X Prize

Welcome to the Access ART X Prize 2023/2024, a prestigious award extending an exclusive invitation to early-career artists originating from Africa and its vibrant diaspora. This distinguished prize is dedicated to cultivating burgeoning artistic talents, endeavouring to elevate them to unprecedented heights on the international stage. With a substantial grant of $10,000, this competition opens the portals to unparalleled developmental prospects, allowing artists to hone their crafts and create a transformative impact within the global artistic community.

Prize 🏆 Access ART X Prize 2023/2024
Grant 💰 $10,000
Exhibition 🖼️ ART X Lagos 2024
Residency 🏠 Gasworks, London for Nigerian Winner; GAS Foundation, Lagos for African/Diasporan Winner
Eligibility 🌍 Early-career artists from Africa and its diaspora, with at least three years of practice
Application 📄 Artist Bio, Portfolio, and a Motivation Letter
Deadline ⏰ October 18, 2023
Reach 🌐 Nigerian artists and talents from across Africa and its Diaspora

An Evolution of Opportunity and Inclusion

The Access ART X Prize has evolved substantially, broadening its horizons to welcome not only emerging Nigerian creatives but also nascent talents dispersed across Africa and its diaspora. It is a golden opportunity to be interlaced with the fabric of the Access ART X Prize and propel one’s artistic journey into novel dimensions of recognition and achievement.

Prizes: An Array of Transformative Opportunities

For the Nigerian Winner:

  • Artistic Residency at the esteemed Gasworks, London.
  • Exhibition Space at ART X Lagos 2024.
  • Financial Support in the form of a $10,000 grant.
  • Cultural Exchange: A priceless opportunity to interact with a diverse artistic community.

For the African/Diasporan Winner:

  • Creative Residency at Yinka Shonibare’s renowned GAS Foundation, Lagos.
  • Showcasing Opportunity at ART X Lagos 2024.
  • Monetary Aid: A supportive $10,000 grant.
  • Cultural Interaction: A unique opportunity for exchanging cultural and artistic ideas.

Eligibility: Open Horizons for Artistic Aspirants

This prized competition is open to all Nigerian artists as well as to creative minds spanning Africa and its diaspora. Eligible artists are those who have devoted a minimum of three years to mastering their artistic practice and are keen on expanding their artistic horizons.

Application Process: Step into the Limelight

To partake in this life-changing opportunity, applicants are required to submit an Artist Bio, a comprehensive Portfolio, and a compelling Motivation Letter. Application Deadline: October 18, 2023.

To Apply, kindly follow this link.

For Additional Information, please visit Access ART X Prize.

Conclusion: Elevating Artistic Visions

The Access ART X Prize 2023/2024 is not merely an award; it’s a gateway to uncharted realms of creativity and recognition. It’s a clarion call to emerging artists from Africa and its diaspora, urging them to showcase their passion and vision on a platform that reverberates with international acclaim. With substantial financial aid, exposure, and the chance for invaluable cultural exchange, this prize stands as a cornerstone for artists aspiring to imprint their unique mark on the global artistic tapestry.

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