ABUTH School Of Nursing Entrance Exam Date 2023/2024


  • Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) announces entrance exam dates for its 2023/2024 nursing and health programmes. Exams for Community Health Officers, Health Information Management are on 25th July. Post-Basic Nursing exams are slated for 1st August, and General Nursing exams will be on 8th August 2023.

ABUTH School Of Nursing Entrance Examination Date

In the heart of Zaria, the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH) stands as a paragon of healthcare education. Each year, hundreds of aspirants set their sights on this esteemed institution, vying for a seat in its coveted nursing programmes. If you’re one of these ambitious individuals, brace yourself for some crucial news.



📢 Announcement ABUTH school of nursing 2023/2024 entrance exam date
🏥 Institution Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital (ABUTH), Zaria
📚 Programmes General Nursing, Post-Basic Nursing, Community Health Officers(CHO), Health Information Management(HIM)
📆 CHO & CHO/HD Exam 25th July, 2023
📆 HIM Exam Date 25th July, 2023
📆 Post Basic Nursing Date 1st August, 2023
📆 General Nursing Date 8th August, 2023
🌐 Academic Session 2023/2024

ABUTH’s School of Nursing: Moulding Tomorrow’s Healthcare Leaders

ABUTH, with its rich history and unparalleled commitment to excellence, offers a plethora of nursing courses, catering to different specializations and career paths. From General (Basic) Nursing to niche Post-Basic programmes like Midwifery, Ophthalmic, Paediatric, and Peri-Operative Nursing, ABUTH ensures a comprehensive and immersive training experience. Furthermore, the institution boasts noteworthy programmes in Community Health and Health Information Management, all crafted to produce top-tier professionals.

Mark Your Calendars!

For those who’ve cast their lot, applying for any of the above programmes for the 2023/2024 academic year, here’s the information you’ve eagerly awaited. ABUTH’s management, in its continued endeavour to keep the admission process smooth and transparent, has released the entrance examination schedule:

  • Community Health Officers (CHO) & CHO/HD Exams: Get ready to face the challenge on 25th July, 2023. Your journey towards becoming a community health maestro begins here.
  • Health Information Management (HIM) Exams: Set to take place on 25th July, 2023. If you’re passionate about combining healthcare with information management, this is your moment.
  • All Post Basic Nursing Programmes: Whether you’ve chosen Midwifery, Ophthalmic, Paediatric, or Peri-Operative Nursing, circle 1st August, 2023 on your calendar.
  • General Nursing (Basic Nursing) Exams: The gateway to this foundational programme opens on 8th August, 2023. It’s your chance to build a strong base for a fulfilling nursing career.

In Conclusion

The corridors of ABUTH echo tales of dedication, hard work, and medical breakthroughs. As you prep for the upcoming exams, remember that you’re not just studying for a test, but for a chance to etch your own story in these hallowed halls.

Ensure your preparations are thorough, and don’t forget to revisit concepts and theories, fine-tuning your knowledge. Best of luck, future healthcare champions! May your dreams find their wings at ABUTH. 🌟📖🌡️

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