ABU Zaria Affiliated Colleges Academic Calendar 2023/2024 | Essential Dates

Are you a student at one of ABU Zaria’s affiliated colleges, ready to map out your semester? The 2023/2024 academic calendar is here, outlining every critical date from lectures to breaks. Isn’t it essential to bookmark these dates to stay on top of your educational journey?

ABU's Affiliated Colleges Academic Calendar

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, stands as a beacon of knowledge, and for the forthcoming academic year of 2023/2024, the university has laid out a structured academic calendar for all its affiliated colleges. This guide is designed to clarify the schedule for students, educators, and administrators alike, ensuring that everyone can plan their year effectively and with confidence.

📅 First Semester 3rd January – 4th May 2024
🎓 Resumption 3rd January 2024
✍️ Registration 4th – 11th January 2024
📚 Lectures Two segments: 7 weeks, then 8 weeks
🌟 Breaks Christmas/New Year, Mid-semester, 1-week
✏️ Examinations Two segments: February – March, April – May
📅 Second Semester 5th May – 7th September 2024
🎓 Lectures 8 weeks, then 7 weeks
✏️ Exams 2 Weeks in September

Unveiling the First Semester’s Academic Schedule

First Semester Dates: 3rd January 2023 – 4th May 2024

Commencing the Academic Year

  • Academic Resumption: The gates of learning swing open on the 3rd of January, marking the beginning of the semester.
  • Registration Process: A two-week window, starting from the 4th of January, is allocated for students to register for the semester ahead.
  • Lecture Commencement: Following registration, a continuous seven-week lecture period begins on the 24th of January.
  • Mid-Semester Break: A brief pause in the academic hustle, scheduled for a week starting from the 21st of February.

Examinations and Intermissions

  • Examination Preparation: Lectures resume for another eight weeks starting from the 13th of February, leading up to the examinations.
  • Semester Examinations: A fortnight of examinations is set to commence on the 27th of April.
  • Semester Break: Students will enjoy a one-week respite from academic activities starting from the 29th of April.

Transitioning into the Second Semester

Second Semester Dates: 5th May 2024 – 7th September 2024

Continuing the Academic Journey

  • Semester Resumption: Students return to the collegiate fold on the 5th of May for the second semester.
  • Consistent Learning: An eight-week stretch of lectures begins, paving the way for mid-semester assessments.

Breaks and Final Assessments

  • Mid-Semester Break: A scheduled hiatus occurs from the 6th of July, lasting for one week.
  • Lecture Continuation: The academic narrative advances with seven weeks of lectures from the 24th of August.
  • Final Examinations: Wrapping up the semester, a two-week examination period starts on the 26th of August.

Key Takeaways

  • Prepare for Registrations: Ensure you register within the designated periods.
  • Lecture Attendance: Consistent participation in lectures is crucial for academic success.
  • Examination Readiness: Be mindful of the examination schedules to allocate sufficient preparation time.

The academic calendar provided by ABU for its affiliated colleges is a clear outline intended to guide you through the academic year. By adhering to this schedule, you are empowered to navigate your educational commitments with a clear understanding of the year’s academic expectations.

Best of luck!

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