ABU Resit Exam Schedule Revealed


Have you ever wondered about the significance of resit examinations in shaping a student’s academic journey? What if there was an institution that deeply cared about giving students a second shot at success? Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria demonstrates precisely this commitment. How, you might ask? Through their recent announcement regarding the 2021/2022 resit examinations.

The Faculty of Education at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, has recently disseminated crucial information concerning the 2021/2022 resit examinations. This development is particularly pertinent for final year and spillover students awaiting their graduation.

📅 Dates 30th Oct – 19th Nov 2023
🖋️ Registration 30th Oct – 4th Nov 2023
📚 Revision 30th Oct – 11th Nov 2023
📝 Examination 13th – 19th Nov 2023
💰 Fees N10,000 registration + N5,000 per course
🎓 Eligibility Final year and spillover students
📜 Course Lists Colleges must submit failed courses by 30th Oct 2023
✏️ Question Paper Colleges will process and facilitate the examinations

Resit Examination Timetable

At the heart of this announcement lies the timetable, which is as follows:

  • Registration: Starts from Monday 30th October, 2023 and lasts until Saturday 4th November, 2023.
  • Revision Period: Begins on Monday 30th October, 2023, concluding on Saturday 11th November, 2023.
  • Examination: Scheduled for Monday 13th November, 2023 to Saturday 18th November, 2023.
Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Special Resit Examination

Key Highlights of the Examination

  1. Open Registration: Students are granted the liberty to register for all their failed courses, irrespective of the number.
  2. Special Concession: The resit examination for the academic year 2021/2022 is unique, allowing broader participation.
  3. Across Semesters: The resit examination covers both the First and Second Semesters.
  4. Eligibility: Only students in their final academic year and spillover students who haven’t graduated due to failed courses are eligible to partake.
  5. Fees: The university charges a sum of Ten Thousand (N10,000.00) Naira as registration fee and Five Thousand Naira (N5,000.00) per course registered. Nevertheless, colleges hold the autonomy to decide their fee structure, influenced by their logistical arrangements.

Ensuring Quality in Examination Delivery

The onus is on the colleges to produce the examination question papers and streamline the administration process. This adherence to quality and standard ensures students are assessed fairly. It is also noteworthy that during these resit examinations, all scores must maintain a standard; they shouldn’t plummet below 40% or rise above 45% based on the university’s grading metrics.

A Clarion Call to Action

In the correspondence, there’s a clarion call to all stakeholders involved. Colleges must dutifully submit a list of all failed courses by 30th October 2023, which will enable respective departments to prepare aptly.

The Faculty of Education, under the able stewardship of Prof. H. I. Bayero, entreats all affiliated colleges to marshal all affected students. This golden opportunity is not one to be squandered, and students are urged to optimally utilize it.

In Closing

The initiative by Ahmadu Bello University underscores the institution’s unwavering commitment to its students’ academic progress. By providing this unique opportunity, the university reaffirms its mission of fostering academic excellence and moulding future leaders.

For all students in the purview of this examination, the ball is now in your court. Prepare diligently, embrace this second chance, and etch your success story.

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