AAPOLY New Registration Procedure 2023/2024


Are you aware of the pivotal changes in the registration process at Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic (AAPOLY)? How do these alterations influence the 2023/2024 academic session? What do students need to ensure a seamless registration? Let’s navigate through the details.

Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic (AAPOLY), situated on Dagbolu/Akanran, Ibadan Road, Atikori, and renowned for its commitment to educational excellence in Ogun State, has taken yet another step to streamline its administrative processes. Recognising the need to keep abreast with dynamic academic landscapes, the institution has recently reviewed its students’ registration procedures, set to be operational from the 2023/2024 academic session.

📌 Procedure Change Reviewed students’ registration process for 2023/2024
📘 Verification Obtain verification of credentials from Admission Unit
💵 Tuition Fee Pay at least 50% of tuition and other necessary fees
📁 Registration Collect package (03 files), fill in, attach necessary photocopies
🏫 Submit at i. School Office ii. Academic Affairs Unit iii. Retain Student’s copy
📚 For Whom? ND1 and HND 1 students
📢 Note Strict adherence required for seamless registration

The New Student Registration Process at AAPOLY

As part of the institution’s drive for constant evolution and enhancement, the following revised registration process aims to simplify the enrolment journey for its students:

AAPOLY Students Registration Procedures

1. Verification of Credentials

Before diving deep into the registration, it’s paramount that students validate their academic credentials. This foundational step ensures that all subsequent processes are built on genuine and verified information.

  • Action: Obtain the verification of credentials form from the Admission Unit and complete it to authenticate your academic credentials.

2. Tuition and Other Payments

Financial formalities play a pivotal role in the registration procedure. Students are required to clear at least half of their tuition fees alongside other pertinent charges before proceeding further.

  • Action: Visit the school office equipped with the receipt of payment showcasing at least 50% of the tuition fees and any other required payments.

3. Collation and Submission of Documents

With the financial aspects squared away, the focus shifts to the collation of academic documentation. This stage is crucial in ensuring that the institution has all the necessary details about its students.

  • Action: Collect the registration package, which comprises three files. Fill in the necessary details, affix photocopies of all essential documents, and submit them to the respective units as listed:
    • i. School Office
    • ii. Academic Affairs Unit
    • iii. Retain a student’s copy for personal records.

Special Note for ND1 and HND 1 Students

Students enrolled in the ND1 and HND 1 programmes are especially urged to acquaint themselves with this revised registration process and act accordingly.

Acknowledgement from the Management

The management of Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic (AAPOLY) extends its gratitude to the student community for their cooperation and adaptability. It is the collective effort of every stakeholder that ensures the institution’s continued stride towards academic brilliance.

In Conclusion

Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic (AAPOLY) remains committed to its vision of fostering an environment of academic rigor and administrative efficiency. With this revamped registration process, the institution anticipates a smoother, more streamlined experience for its student community.

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