University of Calabar (UNICAL) Resumption Date: Start Dates For New and Returning Students

The University of Calabar (UNICAL) is gearing up for an energetic start to the 2023/2024 academic session. Are you one of the fresh faces joining the UNICAL community or a familiar one returning to campus? The management has set the dates, and it’s time for action. Screening, registration, and lectures are on the horizon. Can you feel the excitement of a new semester approaching? Let’s prepare to dive back into the academic world!

University of Calabar (UNICAL) Resumption Date

For those of you eager to embark on your academic journey or continue your education at the University of Calabar (UNICAL), the institution has set the dates for the commencement of the 2023/2024 academic session.

🎒 New Students Arrival on Nov 25, 2023
📆 Registration Starts Nov 27, 2023 for New Students
🔄 Returning Back on Campus Dec 1, 2023
📝 Lectures Begin Dec 4, 2023
🏫 Session 2023/2024 Academic Year
📚 Semesters Covers Second Semester 2022/2023
📚 Semesters And First Semester 2023/2024
📣 Announcement By UNICAL Registrar

UNICAL’s Academic Calendar Update

Arrival of New Students

  • Start Date: The academic activities will kick off with the arrival of new students on 25th November 2023.

Registration and Screening for New Students

  • Commencement: The screening and registration process for new entrants will begin on 27th November 2023.

Return of Continuing Students

  • Registration Date: If you’re a returning student, you’re expected back on campus on 1st December 2023 for registration.

Commencement of Lectures

  • Lecture Schedule: Lectures for both new and returning students will start on 4th December 2023.

A Glimpse into the Academic Year

The Registrar of UNICAL, Mr Gabriel Egbe, in his release, clarified that the 2023/2024 academic session will include the second semester of 2022/2023 and the first semester of 2023/2024. This integrated approach ensures a seamless academic experience for all students.

Get Ready to Learn

As you pack your bags and prepare for the academic year, remember that the days ahead are full of learning opportunities and growth. Whether you’re just starting or you’re returning, UNICAL is ready to welcome you to a new term filled with potential.

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