Azman University Admission Form Rumours Addressed


Azman University in Kano has noticed the proliferation of misleading information regarding its admission form. Many have been left wondering: Is this information genuine? How should prospective students proceed? The university’s official statement provides crucial insights. Read on to ensure you’re not led astray.

The Azman University in Kano, has recently issued a critical announcement regarding misleading information circulating about the institution.

University 🏢 Azman University, Kano
Issue Addressed ❗ FALSE information about Admission Form Sale
Official Stance 📜 Not from Azman University
Payments 💸 Do not pay any individual
Public Information Source 🌐 Official University Website & Social Media Handles
Contact for Queries 💌
Social Platforms 📱 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Location 📍 Km 8, Maiduguri Road, Kano

Addressing False Information

The management of Azman University wishes to address a specific piece of misinformation. It has come to their attention that there’s an assertion making rounds suggesting the Azman University Admission Form is currently on sale.

The institution earnestly clarifies that such information is false.

Azman University Kano Disclaimer

Guidance for Prospective Students

Prospective candidates and the general public should be fully aware that this claim is not originating from Azman University. Importantly, Azman University has always maintained a transparent admission process. The management strongly advises:

  • Candidates should refrain from making any payments to individual entities or unofficial channels claiming association with the university.
  • All authentic announcements related to admissions or other university matters will be made available to the public exclusively through the official Azman University website and their official social media handles.

Contacting Azman University

For those seeking genuine information or needing to raise queries about Azman University:

  • Official Website:
  • Social Media Channels:
    • Facebook – AzmanUniversity
    • Twitter – @azmanuniversity
    • Instagram – @azmanuniversity

For direct correspondence, interested parties can also send an email to:


In an age of rapidly spreading information, it’s pivotal for students and guardians to remain cautious and discerning. Azman University, Kano, remains committed to ensuring that all its communications are transparent and easily verifiable. They take this opportunity to reiterate their commitment to academic excellence and the welfare of their students.

Azman University, Kano Dislaimer 2023

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