How to Answer JAMB/UTME 2023 Questions on Computer

Do you want to learn how to answer JAMB questions using the computer? This is a great opportunity for you especially if you are not privileged to go for CBT training. You can all you need here for free.

Do you know that there are things you must do or not do during your JAMB examination this year? One of the things you must do is to be smart enough to answer all questions before leaving the exam hall. One of the things you must do is “not knowing how to handle the examination entirely”. In this article, I will show you how to answer all 2023 JAMB questions fast and correctly. I will also show you how to use the computer to answer your questions. If you want to learn these things, keep reading!

10 important Things to Note Before Entering JAMB Examination Hall

1. Note that you have only 120 minutes to answer 180 questions which means that each question should be Answered within 0.60 minutes. Since you have less than a minute to answer each JAMB question, you have to be as fast as you can.

2. You have 4 subjects to attend to with English Language made compulsory for all UTME candidates.

3. English Language has 60 questions. Each of the other subjects you have to write has only 40 questions making it a total of 180 questions.

4. You must use a computer to answer your question. Now, this is where the whole tutorial come in. So relax and watch how we do it.

5. All JAMB questions have equal marks. So, do not treat any question as more important than the other.

6. You can only login with your JAMB registration number. Else, you may not be able to access your questions.

7. Do not think you can copy from your number. Your questions may be different from the next person’s questions. Recently, JAMB have started shuffling questions on the database such that everyone cannot have the question to answer.

8. Do not be deceived by anyone that JAMB runz is real. JAMB expo is never real and they don’t have your questions or answer since everything is shuffled.

9. After the examination, no one can help you upgrade your result. JAMB result upgrade is practically impossible. Therefore, do not be deceived.

10. Immediately your time elapses, your questions and answers will automatically submit to the database whether you finish your questions or not. So, you should be as fast as possible to attend to all questions.

Now that you have noted the above points, let us move straight to the business of the day which is, how to answer JAMB questions on computer.

Before you start answering your questions, you have to note the present materials; that is, the devices you are going to use.


Names of Devices used in writing JAMB

Answering of JAMB questions involves using a full computer system. It involves both the hardware and software but these are the ones that concern you as a UTME candidate:

  • Monitor or laptop
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard

I’ll be using layman language to explain the devices above so it will be easy for everyone to understand it.

Monitor: a device that allows you see what you are doing. It has screen on it and that is where you can see your questions and answers.

Mouse: a device which allows you move your pointer to choose from the options in a question. On your screen (monitor or laptop) you’ll see a tiny object which moves each time u want to choose an answer. The object which allows you move the tiny object is called mouse.

Keyboard: a device which allows you type. It always in front of you each time you’re using a computer. It contains letters, figures and special characters.

How do I Answer JAMB Questions on the Computer?

Step 1: Login to you  JAMB portal to see your questions. All you need to do is to type in your JAMB registration number.

Step 2: A page displays for you to see your picture and other details. This is to ensure that you are the one actually logged in. If you have confirmed all detail, click on “Start”. Your first UTME question will appear immediately.

Step 3: Each question carries options A-D and you are expected to choose one. Use your mouse to tick the correct answer. Alternatively, you can just click the option on your keyboard. For instance, if you want to choose option ‘B’ as your answer, simply click ‘B’ on your keyboard and it will automatically reflect on the screen.

Step 4: Once you are done with each question, click ‘Next’ to move to another question.

Step 5: Once you are done with all the questions, click on End Exam to submit your answers.

How to Answer All JAMB Questions Quickly

The fact remains that 120 minutes is more than enough for you to answer all questions. Yet, you have to maximize your time.

To answer all JAMB questions quickly, follow these tips:

  • Once you log in, start with the subject you love most.
  • Any question you tend not to understand, skip it and move to the next one after which you come back to it when you are done with the rest of the questions.
  • Calm your nerves, read each question calmly to enable you understand it better.
  • Go through all your questions and answers to ensure you’ve made the correct choice in each of the questions.

If you have any question concerning how JAMB is being written, do well to drop a comment below.

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