ADUSTECH (KUST) Wudil Academic Calendar 2023


Looking to stay ahead of the curve at ADUSTECH in 2022/2023? What are the pivotal dates that could shape one’s academic journey? How does one navigate the myriad of activities, from registration to holidays? Delve into the comprehensive academic calendar and get answers to these pressing questions. Success is in the details, so let’s uncover them together.

The Aliko Dangote University of Science and Technology (ADUSTECH), Wudil, one of Nigeria’s prominent institutions, has released its undergraduate academic calendar for the upcoming 2022/2023 session. The calendar is a testament to the university’s dedication to providing structured learning experiences for its student body.

🗓️ Start Date Sunday, 12th November, 2023
📝 Registration 13th Nov – 26th Nov 2023 (2 weeks)
⌛ Late Registration 27th Nov – 3rd Dec 2023 (1 week)
📖 Lecture Commencement 4th Dec 2023 – 15th March 2024 (15 weeks)
🎄 Holidays Christmas (25th-26th Dec), Easter (29th Mar-1st Apr)
📚 Exams 18th March – 13th April 2024 (4 weeks)
📅 Semester Break 15th April – 20th April 2024 (1 week)
🎉 Key Holidays Eid el-Fitr (10th-11th April), Worker’s Day (1st May)



When Does the Academic Year Begin?

The much-anticipated commencement of the 2022/2023 Academic Session is slated for Sunday, 12th November, 2023. On this day, the university will open its gates to both returning and new faces, eager to embark on another scholarly journey.

Aliko Dangote University of Science and Technology (ADUSTECH) Academic Calendar

How Long is the Registration Period?

From Monday, 13th November to Sunday, 26th November 2023, both fresh and returning students will have a window of 2 weeks to complete their registration.

Are There Provisions for Late Registration?

Certainly. Recognizing that some students might face unforeseen challenges, ADUSTECH provides a grace period of 1 week for late registration, which will run from Monday, 27th November to Sunday, 3rd December 2023. This includes inter-department and university transfers.

What About Lectures and Assessments?

The main academic engagements kick off on Monday, 4th December 2023 and will span 15 weeks until Friday, 15th March 2024. Here’s a brief rundown of key academic activities during this period:

  • Christmas Holidays: A time to unwind and celebrate, from Monday, 25th to Tuesday, 26th December 2023.
  • First Continuous Assessment: This is scheduled between Monday, 15th January to Friday, 19th January 2024.
  • Mid-Semester Break: A much-needed breather for students, set for Monday, 22nd January to Friday, 26th January 2024.
  • Add & Drop: For course adjustments, students should note the period from Monday, 8th January to Friday, 12th January 2023.
  • Second Continuous Assessment: Another assessment window opens from Monday, 4th March to Friday, 8th March 2024.

Any Special Holidays to Look Forward To?

Of course! ADUSTECH recognizes the cultural and religious significance of some days and has incorporated them into the academic calendar:

  • Easter HolidaysFriday, 29th March & Monday, 1st April 2024.
  • Eid el-Fitr Holidays: To be observed on Wednesday, 10th to Thursday, 11th April 2024.
  • Worker’s Day: Mark your calendars for Wednesday, 1st May 2024.

Examinations and Breaks: What Should Students Expect?

The culmination of the semester’s academic activities will be the First Semester Examinations for all levels, scheduled from Monday, 18th March to Saturday, 13th April 2024, spanning 4 weeks. Following this, students can enjoy a 1-week break, starting from Monday, 15th April to Saturday, 20th April 2024.

In conclusion, the 2022/2023 academic calendar for ADUSTECH is a well-thought-out schedule that promises a blend of rigorous academic engagement and sufficient relaxation periods. Students are advised to plan their activities around this calendar to make the most of the academic year.

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